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Yelling at the TV: Back in Mono-Black

The Super League Series is, of course, not the only way to watch this game of ours from the comfort of our own homes. There are tons of streams and recorded videos to watch, too.

The Internet is a big, big place.

When I try to watch football, there is no part of me that ever thinks, “If I was there, I would just do this awesome thing that makes my team win the game.” Deep down, some part of me wishes I had that kind of superhuman strength and size, but alas it is not so. I have no frame of reference for that kind of athletic performance.

But, when I watch Magic being played, I yell at the TV. I often think things – and even shout them out loud – like, “Don’t play that in his main phase!,” or, “You took a mulligan?! Why?,” or, “Attack! Attack! This is your chance for glory!”

You know, exciting stuff.

In other words, I have an opinion.

Overwhelming Intellect

And you know what’s cool? We have a way to actually try these ideas out for ourselves. We can put our opinions to the test.

One of my favorite things to watch is when someone puts a deck together and slams it into a bunch of other decks while providing commentary. If this sounds like an awesome way to spend a few hours, take a look at this article from Travis Woo over at ChannelFireball.

The deck is Modern Mono-Black Urzatron.

Diabolic Revelation

If that doesn’t reach out and slap you in the face, this game might not be for you.

Once you read the article, head over to Travis’ channel to watch him play the deck against a few other popular decks.

I did. And I yelled at the TV.

You know what I did next?

I built this deck and played it myself.

How cool is that? I put on the helmet and the shoes and yelled at myself for a while. I kept the hands I wanted to keep. I played the lines I wanted to play.

Did I build the exact list Travis played? No. But, the heart of the deck is there. Urzatron into Diabolic Revelation for a grip of cards is as game-breakingly spectacular as it sounds. Tutoring up a new hand is incredibly powerful. Who knew?

As I write this, I am watching recorded videos of the Magic Origins draft feature matches from Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. These guys play fast. “Rogue’s Passage for the win!”



  1. Funny that you post this article that references a Mono Black Modern deck on the VERY SAME DAY I list my playset of Inquisition of Kozilek on TCG Player. Just got back from taking those off of my store. I really didn’t want to get into Modern, but having one deck in the format wouldn’t hurt, would it? Haha! I’ll watch to see how the Modern Black Tron goes… If I like it, I’ll put it together, unless of course, Inquisition hits $20 a card.

    Nice article, Great read!

    1. Save the Inquisitions!

      I am using 4x Duress, but after testing, I really want 6 discard spells main and 2 more in the side. Some mix of Duress, IoK, and Thoughtseize is the way to go. 3, 1, 2 main with 1, 1, 0 side maybe.

      Slamming Wurmcoils, Steel Hellkites, Karns, Ugins, and Eldrazi is a blast. Drown in Sorrow gives some decks fits. Murderous Cut, Go for the Throat, and even Doom Blade get the job done. Read the Bones and Night’s Whisper move things along.

      Diabolic Revelation is crazy fun. Beseech the Queen works, too. Throw an Exsanguinate somewhere in the deck to tutor for when you have tron up. Good times. šŸ™‚

      1. Awesome. Done deal. I’m going to piece together what I have and go from there! Keep us updated on your playtesting!

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