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Writing Magic the Gathering Articles – Podcasts and YouTube Videos

Write Magic Articles!Would you like to be recognized for your Magic the Gathering™ insight, knowledge, ideas, or deck building skills nationwide? Have you thought about dipping your toes into the world of word-slinging and writing your own Magic the Gathering™ Column or Articles? Do you have a Podcast with no where to call home? Do you have Magic YouTube videos that need further exposure? Are you an artist that specializes in MTG altered cards or sketches? Then join our team here at MTGCasualPlay.com!

Let MTGCasualPlay.com be your first home to your articles, videos or podcasts and get your foot in the door to a larger world of knowledge sharing and recognition. We are dedicated to giving YOU the opportunity to open up your mind to a worldwide MTG audience. Who knows, maybe someone from Star City Games or Wizards of the Coast™ will stumble upon your column here at MTGCasualPlay.com and recruit you to join their team. Hey, it could happen. Start here and take a chance to be recognized!

Writing Magic the Gathering Articles

MTGCasualPlay.com requires no previous experience and no pressure or deadlines to submit articles, write whenever you want! All submissions are volunteer basis, meaning we do not offer monetary compensation or payment for content. We simply do this for fun and as an outlet of our ideas and creativity!

NOTE: Some HTML or WordPress experience is helpful, but not required.

Guest Content & Article Submissions

Although this website is home to new and/or amateur writers, we would absolutely relish the chance for experienced writers to submit guest articles. This would be a fantastic way to get a link back to your main website or serve as another platform to get more Twitter, Facebook or YouTube followers.

Magic the Gathering Podcasts and YouTube Videos

We are also looking to include YOUR You Tube Videos! Have a video of your Deck, MTGO Screenplay or other Magic related material? Similar to a writer, you can submit your YouTube video to us, and if we like it, we will post it on our website!

Altered Cards or Artist Sketches

Would you like to drive more traffic to your deviantart site or artist gallery? Consider submitting some of your art to MTGCasualPlay.com. We would love to display some of your works, have you included in our Author/Writer staff, and provide some links back to your other work.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for more details!

MTGCasualPlay.com has been created for Casual Magic the Gathering™ Players to share their thoughts, stories and decks with others of common interest. This website is just getting underway, so be one of the first featured writers or video/podcast contributors!

For more information or to become a MTGCasualPlay.com Writer/Author, send an email to Wally D at nick@MTGCasualPlay.com.

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