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How to Become an MTG Writer – Write for an MTG Website

Write Magic Articles!Hey there! Welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com. Would you like to be recognized for your Magic the Gathering™ insight, knowledge, ideas, or deck building skills nationwide? Have you thought about dipping your toes into the world of word-slinging and writing your own Magic the Gathering™ Column or Articles? Then join our team here at MTGCasualPlay.com!

Let MTGCasualPlay.com be your first home to your articles, videos or podcasts and get your foot in the door to a larger world of knowledge sharing and recognition. We are dedicated to giving YOU the opportunity to open up your mind to a worldwide MTG audience. Who knows, maybe someone from Star City Games or Wizards of the Coast™ will stumble upon your column here at MTGCasualPlay.com and recruit you to join their team. Hey, it could happen. Start here and take a chance to be recognized!

Two things ring true about MTGCasualPlay.com:

  1. You write with us, not for us. This website is your launching pad to reach the world of MTG. All submissions are volunteer based and the MTGCasualPlay.com website simply serves you with the tools you need to get your MTG voice heard.
  2. Write whatever you want, whenever you want. No assigned subjects, quotas or deadlines. At MTGCasualPlay.com you get to pick your topics and write about whatever you want. Write an article once a week, once a month, once a year. Whenever.

Do you want to give writing a try? This is the website for you. No commitment, full access and nothing to lose. In fact, most of us here are beginning / amateur writers!

Do you want to post a Deck Tech or Primer for your deck, but don’t want to go through the approval process? MTGCasualPlay.com has the tools to help you! Send us an email!

Do you already write for another website and want to expand your fame? Great! You could post articles here too and maybe do some cool crossover articles between the sites or include links to your other work in your articles here on this site.

Do you have a Podcast with no where to call home? Do you have Magic YouTube videos that need further exposure? Are you an artist that specializes in MTG altered cards or sketches? Email us.

Comment below or send an email to nick@MTGCasualPlay.com and we will get you started today!

Let’s wrap this up with a couple of questions, shall we?

Why is MTGCasualPlay.com better than starting my own Blog?
Simply put. Traffic. While it is not a lot compared to giants like StarCityGames.com or the Wizards home site, we do receive 150-200 hits a day here at MTGCasualPlay.com. By starting your own blog, it takes a ton of articles and a lot of time to gain a solid flow of readers.

What are some disadvantages of writing for MTGCasualPlay.com
We currently do not have an editor, so you are flying without a net. Occasionally, we’ll scroll through and spellcheck, but most of us have work and family life, so you’re pretty much on your own with regards to proofreading and grammar.

We will do our best to promote your articles on our G+ and Twitter accounts, but it’s up to you to post links to your work on Facebook, Reddit and your own Social Media accounts.

That’s all for now, hope to see you soon!

Disclaimer/Note… when I say write about “whatever you want”, we mean as long as it is MTG related and our website is not used as a launch pad for blatant attacks on other entities. This is just a disclaimer, kinda goes without saying. But, ah, you know.

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