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U/W Humans Standard

U/W Humans Standard

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So this is my second official standard deck since the Invasion Block.  I have to admit that my G/W Human deck suffered it’s demise so I could piece together U/W and utilize Geist, of Saint Traft.  As of February 2012, it seems that Blue / White are the majority of standard decks.  The most popular being U/W Delver, U/W Humans and U/W Blade.   Since I had most of the cards for humans, that’s what we went with.

Currently the differences between my version of U/W Humans and a lot of the decks being used in tournaments are a few cards.  Most notably, I went with 4 of Gideon’s Lawkeeper over Champion of the Parish.  While C of P is a great card played on turn 1, I feel that he is more of a dead card in the mid to late game.  Gideon’s Lawkeeper on the other hand can account for my third option of removal by holding 1 white mana open at all times.  The second noticeable difference is in the 2 drop spot – Elite Inquisitor.  What’s not to like about EQ?  He has a 2 casting cost, first strike and vigilance.  In addition, he can block Black’s new toys from Dark Ascension Geralf’s Messenger and Gravecrawler and can sneak by Red’s Stromkirk Noble everytime (but unfortunately, he cannot block the Stromkirk).

So here it is:  U/W Humans with Mana Leaks and Geist.  Good times ahead!


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