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Molten-Tail Masticore

After seeing Dan’s Tron deck I figured I would throw mine on the table as well. Much like Dan I did not feel the desire to run the same fare as the other Tron decks, though I did want to use creatures.
I knew that I wanted to use somethink in the to range so that I would have extra mana floating to use spells. I also knew that I wanted to use artifact creatures so that the Tron lands would pay for it on their own. That lead me to this real gem: Molten-Tail Masticore.

 Molten-Tail and his two brothers offer up a chance for some really fun creature combos. The problem most people have with the Masticores is the constant discarding, but after researching I found a fun way to make it profitable for me. Madness was an ability from Torment that allows a spell to be cast as it is discarded. Pair this with Masticores and fun stuff is going to happen.

So now more onto the combo fun. The madness cards can only be activated when they are discarded, so they make the perfect compliment with the Cores. Psychotic Episode allows for hand and draw disruption and Strength of Lunacy gives me a cheap enchantment. The extra piece on top is the Vampiric Link. Each of the cores does damage to opponents or creatures, which works perfectly with Vampiric link for life gain to off set the loss of life from all the draw spells.

The idea behind this deck is to 1,2,3 into the tron setup then drop a Molten-Tail and let the engine begin. The 8 draw spells will help to constantly feed cards into your hand while Vampiric Link and Exsanguinate keep the life loss from being an issue. To get the most out of this deck it is paramount that you leave mana untapped to play the madness spells on your upkeep.

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