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Trading Magic Cards Online

PucaTrade Helps Magic Players Trade Cards Online

As a casual magic player, I usually only play EDH (Commander) 2 to 3 times a week. EDH is usually the only constructed format I play so I in between playing opportunities I like to find time to enhance my current builds with new cards and ideas. Trade Magic Cards Online - Pucatrade.com Since I began playing Magic the Gathering ™ in 1997, I found that the best way to obtain cards for my deck was by trading. Unfortunately, I only make occasional appearances to my local card shop and trade opportunities are relatively slim. This has led me to buying most of my cards online. It has just been easier to click what I want, select a payment method and then receive my new cards in the mail a few days later.

The problem with buying all of my cards is two things. First, I am forking out money to continue my gaming addiction and second, I now have several binders of dusty cards that I no longer use and would like to trade.

Trade Magic Cards for PucaPoints Recently I received an email from a member representing a new website called Pucatrade. It seems that PucaTrade.com has created a social atmosphere where Magic players can trade cards online. PucaTrade is currently in it’s Beta phase and is currently just past 50% of it’s funding campaign on indiegogo.com.

What I find most appealing about PucaTrade.com is that it claims to remove the “haggling” trade experience and helps make sure that both ends of a trade receive full value for their magic cards. Intriguing. Puca Trade statistics show early success with over 18,000 completed trades and $80,000 worth of cards trading hands. I have decided to give PucaTrade.com a try and have signed up as one of over 2,000 current members. Currently, PucaTrade membership is FREE to join.

Below is some information sent to me by PucaTrade.com that I will share with you. Enjoy!

Why PucaTrade is Unique:

At PucaTrade, we noticed that Magic the Gathering is becoming less of a “Trading Card Game” and more of a “Buying Card Game.” But you shouldn’t need to spend a ton of money just to play this game. PucaTrade is proud to offer a better way to trade.


  • Our Intelligent Trade-Matching System –Our auto-matching technologyinstantly connects you with people who want the cards you’re offering.
  • A “Haggle-Free” Trading Experience—Tired of arguing over price? We were too. Our Card Value Index has the prices of cards pre-loaded, so you always get full value for your cards.
  • Our Trade Guarantee – PucaTrade guarantees the success of every trade, or you’ll be reimbursed in full for the value of your cards.


  • More Trading for You—Send cards to anyone who wants them; not just to the people who have stuff you want.
  • A “Savings Account” for Trades—Even if you don’t want any cards at the moment, you can still trade to earn credits for that deck you plan to build next week.
  • Many Ways to Earn Credits—Don’t have that many cards? No worries; you can still participate in the PucaTrade community. Earn credits just for signing up, leaving feedback, inviting friends, and much more.


  • PucaTrade is free (really free)—We offer a way for you to get the cards you want, without spending cash.Other sites charge 10-30% just to use their service. We believe that the best part about trading is saving money.
  • Social Equality – We think it’s vitally important to the MtG community that this game remains accessible to all players, regardless of socio-economic status. Free trade is a big step towards the goal of making Magic a more financially-accessible game.


  • A Delightful User Experience—We will make PucaTrade instantly understandable to people that visit for the first time, and you’ll be able to start trading immediately upon signing up.
  • A Social Community—We’ll build ways to communicate and share with one another, so that you can leave feedback and rate your experiences with other traders. This will also provide you with more control over who sends you cards.
  • Support for Foils—Everyone loves these shiny, holographic “Premium” cards (even if you just love them for their higher value).
  • Account Authentication—This verification process allows us to confirm that each member of PucaTrade has only signed up for 1 account per person. This is a critical feature that will enable us to give you free trade-credits, even if you don’t have many cards to send.
  • Non-English Cards and Various Conditions—Magic is printed in many different languages, and it’s our goal to support them all on PucaTrade. Likewise, cards that have seen varying degrees of play should be available for trade on PucaTrade, as well.

Thanks for your interest in PucaTrade! If you’re interested, please let me know how I can make the writing proess easy for your team, at: eric@PucaTrade.com

Our Indiegogo project launches on April 1st at 8am EST.