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Top 10 Khans of Tarkir Cards for EDH/Commander

Ah, Fall, Autumn, September. The smell of a a fresh new Magic the Gathering™ block is in the air. The spoilers are complete and the scramble to acquire and add new pieces to our Commander decks has begun. Welcome to my Top 10 Set Review of Khans of Tarkir. As always, I will only be reviewing NEW cards, not reprints, that are available in this large block wedge set. There is no denying however, that the best cards in the set are the five Allied Fetch Land reprints. This will dramatically drop the price of the Onslaught fetches so that the casual Commander player can now include them in his/her deck. For my full opinion on the reprint of fetches, please take a gander at my article entitled EDH Deck Tech – Impact of Fetch Land Reprints

As with my previous Top 10 set reviews, I will give my thoughts on which cards that I believe are the best Commander cards in Khans of Tarkir. For each card I will include a FOR ME… section to indicate how I would personally use the card in my existing or future decklists. By request of the readers, I have also cut the honorable mentions down to just four (4) cards.

Before we begin, and for reference, here is the list of my seventeen (17) EDH/Commander decks:


I also maintain my nephew’s Daxos of Meletis Commander Deck and my son’s Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Commander Deck

I will be adding the following cards that did NOT make the Top 10/Honorable mention list to a few of my decks. I think I may give Butcher of the Horde a try in Kaalia. Goblinslide and Hordeling Outburst will fit nicely into Purphoros and my Lazav deck will be building an Altar of the Brood into the Mill strategy.

I hope you enjoy the article. I welcome all feedback so please comment in the section below! Be sure to check back every once in a while for my other EDH articles and I am definitely looking forward to my Top 10 list for Commander 2014, due out in November!

Honorable Mentions

Hardening Scales in Commander EDH

Hardened Scales: If your Commander deck has a +1/+1 theme, then this card is an auto-include. As a one-drop, Hardened Scales provides too much value not to include. Ghave and Animar will dig this. Doubling Season, Avenger of Zendikar and Mikaeus, the Lunarch will reap the rewards of the Scales, as will most Ajani Planeswalkers and Hydras. There are also abilities that would flourish with the scales in play… Unleash, Dethrone, and Undying to name a few. Heck, there are so many cards that could benefit from an extra +1/+1 counter that I would recommend this article for further evaluation: Blog.MTGPrice – Hardened Scales. Great utility card!

Kheru Spellsnatcher: The Mighty Morphin’ Spellsnatcher is the creature version of Blue’s favorite spell-stealing counterspell, Spelljack. A lot of mana to hold up to morph this dude, but an epic moment when it happens.

Crackling Doom: If you look up you can see me hanging there… on the fence about Crackling Doom. Yep, this card seems really cool as it combines a Shock and a pseudo-Diabolic Edict effect for each opponent. It can also be tutored with Sunforger. I may playtest this in Kaalia and see what shakes.

See the Unwritten: So we all know how good Tooth and Nail is at busting a game wide open. Sometimes the sheer power of the entwine will end games. See the Unwritten is no Tooth and Nail, but with a little bit of luck or library manipulation, this could have a momentum shifting impact on the game state. Oh, and hello Worldly Tutor!

Enough of the “honorables”. You came here for a Top 10 List, so let’s get to it!

Top 10 Khans of Tarkir Cards for EDH Commander

#10 – Duneblast

One sided wrath effects are always good. Duneblast kinda fills this mold as it kills all creatures except for one. Although there are not a lot of Junk/Abzan commanders to choose from, I would assume that all of them would be running Duneblast. Casting this pre-combat phase and then swinging with Teneb, the Harvester to activate his ability seems fairly decent. In fact, out of the possible 5 commanders (Ghave, Karador, Doran, Teneb, Anafenza), I think Duneblast fits nicely into each and every one of them.

FOR ME… Since I have never played a White/Black/Green deck before I am kinda looking at this card from the outside looking in. However, with all of the graveyard recursion available in these colors along with 5 decent options to command such a deck I see no reason that

#9 – Villainous Wealth

Cards like Villainous Wealth are what create epic tales of Elder Dragon Highlander. It all boils down to what goodies lie waiting in the top cards of your opponent’s library? Throwing a high amount of mana into “X” would all but guarantee some game changing momentum into your favor. Heck, it is almost the equivalent of opening your buddies Christmas presents right in front of him. While he has to sit and watch.

The downside of Villainous Wealth is the extremely limited number of Commanders in the BUG or Sultai color combination . With that being said, I am sure Damia and Mimeoplasm players will be giving this card a go. In fact, five color good stuff or control may also want to try their hand at some villainous shenanigans. If this card was playable for more color combinations it would have definitely ranked higher on my list.

FOR ME… I do not have a Sultai EDH deck to try this card out and my Five Color Sliver deck has no room for it either. I will, however, clap in approval the first time I see it used at a kitchen table. Cool card.

#8 – Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Sorin, Solemn Visitor in EDH Commander

Truth be told, I was all set to leave both of the Khans of Tarkir planeswalkers out of my Top 10 list. Sorin, Solemn Visitor can thank my friend Rudedog for altering my perception of Sorin’s abilities. Don’t get me wrong, I still find Sorin to be a bit boring and bland, but he does begin with 4 loyalty, can be played on turn 4 and has an ultimate that can be popped in just 3 turns. The +1 ability is great for a token deck to give all creatures +1/+0 and lifelink. The interesting part of this is the until your next turn phrase, meaning, that they retain the bonus on your opponents turn therefore providing enhanced lifelinking blockers. Sorin protects himself with his -2 by creating a 2/2 flying vampire token. This token is a vast improvement over Sorin, Lord of Innistrad who created non-flying vampires.

The ultimate creates a pool of havoc. By using the -6 ability, you get an emblem that reads: “At the beginning of each opponent’s upkeep, that player sacrifices a creature.” This could be crazy good against a majority of opponents, but could also backfire against your friends that have graveyard shenanigans. If you have buddies that play decks with Kokusho, the Evening Star or Dictate of Erebos then you may be receiving a “Thank You” card from them in the mail.

FOR ME… All-in-all, I still think Sorin warrants consideration in B/W or B/W/X builds. In fact, I may consider trying him in my Oloro deck sometime in the future. Of course, that $29.99 price tag needs to come down quite a bit before I even consider giving the Solemn Visitor a try.

#7 – Hooded Hydra

It is all about value in Commander and trotting onto the battlefield to the theme song “Valuetown” (in the style of Lipps Inc’s 1979 hit Funkytown) is Hooded Hydra. Board wipes, combat, destruction, and forced sacrifice are all ways that your green critters will find their way to the graveyard. This hydra sports an amount of +1/+1 counters (snake heads) equal to X () and can be a good beater in mid to late games. Where this creature shows its “value” is when it is sent 6 feet under. That is when the heads detach from the hydra body in the form of several 1/1 snakes equal to the amount of +1/+1 counters it had in its preexisting form.

When the Hooded Hydra dies, decks that use enter the battlefield effects will thoroughly enjoy the 1/1 reptiles. Several triggers from Cathars’ Crusade, Aura Shards and Purphoros, God of the Forge can turn the tide of an EDH match. Token decks are going to love this guy and there is also immediate synergy with Doubling Season and Hardened Scales. Finally, any deck that runs shenanigans that require sacrifice to pay for effects (Smokestack) will definitely be able to utilize the Hooded Hydra. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Skullclamp and Ashnod’s Altar.

One more ability that I may have overlooked. The Hooded Hydra also has Morph. He can be put into play for colorless mana and then turned up for at anytime with five +1/+1 counters. This ability adds an interesting level of strategy and options to the multi-headed creature. I will be interested to see how it is exploited in commander decks.

FOR ME… Hooded Hydra will be getting a playtest in my son’s Prossh, Skyraider of Kher deck. Being able to cast the Hydra, sacrifice it to Prossh, put a handful of 1/1 snake tokens onto the battlefield and then sacrifice them to Prosh too? Sounds like a great way to feed a this hungry dragon commander.

#6 – Surrak Dragonclaw

Surrak Dragonclaw EDH CommanderFirst off, this dude punches bears and that alone should give you a quick insight on how much the aggro Commander player is going to love this guy. He is a 6/6 beater for five mana. He cannot be countered. He has flash. When Surrak is in play he gives other creatures that player controls Trample AND they cannot be countered. For five mana! Even though Surrak Dragonclaw has blue in his color identity, this guy bleeds Green and Red. If you have ever played a Green/Red deck in the style of Timmy, I am sure there have been frustrating moments that your big bombs were countered or you overextended and watched your army face plant into the graveyard. The Temur Clan’s “Dragon Aspect” is that of Savagery. Surrak will lead an army of uncounterable, trampling savages to victory and protect them with counter magic and tide-turning spells like Cyclonic Rift.

Surrak Dragonclaw is also a premium choice to include as one of the 99 in decks like Animar, Soul of Elements and Maelstrom Wanderer where he can enhance creatures with trample and protect them from counterspells. At 5 mana and a buttload of abilities the Temur Khan will be a strong ally in all RUG Commander decks.

FOR ME… Surrak is the kind of commander that inspires me to build around. Pure aggro is still my favorite win condition and being able to play big Red and Green monsters and protect them with blue magic makes my inner-Timmy tingle. At the moment Surrak will be an idea in the back of my head as I am still finishing up two other decks. My trade binder is empty and my funds diminished, so maybe I’ll start with a budget version.

#5 – Narset, Enlightened Master

If Magic Commanders were cars, then it is time to trade in last year’s model (Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge) and pick up the new 2014 Akbahn Sedan, Narset, Enlightened Master. Although Jeleva and Narset’s abilities are slightly similar, Narset trumps the Grixis Vampire Wizard by triggering on attack instead of entering the battlefield. When declared as an attacker, the Enlightened Master exiles the top four cards of your library and allows you to cast them before end of turn without paying their mana cost.

How will the new Akbahn Kahn be abused and broken? The deck that I see being built is full of big fat sorceries that allow for extra turns and additional combat phases. As if Time Stretch and Relentless Assault aren’t painful enough, casting Reverberate and Twincast to copy these spells will make other players want gouge their eyes with a spoon as they watch this deck play out.

I won’t go into further detail, you get the picture. A well tuned Narset combo deck will make you wish that Nekusar was back at the table. For further insight on this combo machine I highly recommend this video: Commander Theory – Goldfishing Narset, Enlightened Master Commmander Deck

Honestly, I would be very interested in seeing a Narset deck that is not built around playing solitaire. If you have built a 75% deck or a “fun” version of Narset, I would love to take a look. Post a link to your deck in the comment section below!

FOR ME… I witnessed firsthand an organized mob of Island tappers trading for the intricate pieces of the Narset machine. Expect this commander to roll into your local game store… and there wont be just one!

#4 – Ugin’s Nexus

Ugin's Nexus Infinite Combo in EDH CommanderSigh, the pain of extra turns in Commander/EDH is a long detailed history. For the player taking the extra turn it’s like a second day at the carnival that includes more cotton candy and kick ass rides. For the rest of the playgroup it’s time to check our phones, make a sandwich, mow the grass, write a book, or open the trade binders. Darn you blue guy! Worse yet, take a look at #5 on my list – Narset, Enlightened Master. She will be prevalent at local game stores soon. Be prepared and play Ugin’s Nexus! This artifact simply says “No” to any player wanting to take more than their fair share of turns in a Commander game.

In the world of Khans of Tarkir, Ugin’s Nexus can also grant access to the extra turn phenomenon to ALL players, no matter what colors they are playing. Possible ways of harnessing the extra turn ability from your own Nexus will include sacrifice effects such as Claws of Gix, Phyrexia’s Core or any type of destruction spell such as Reclamation Sage or Nevinyrral’s Disk.

Is there an infinite turn combo with Ugin’s Nexus?? Actually, yes. A three card combo CAN be pulled off by imprinting Ugin’s Nexus on a Prototype Portal and having a sac outlet available (such as Phyrexia’s Core). If you know of more shenanigans or combos including Ugin’s Nexus, I would love to hear them! Please comment in the section below.

FOR ME… A bad rash of “take an extra turn” is starting to form on my playgroup. The Nexus will be an immediate inclusion in my brand new Muzzio, Visionary Architect deck to thwart my friend’s attempts at taking extra turns. Of course, I have included the before mentioned Phyrexia’s Core and Prototype Portal in case I want to step out on the ledge of the extra turn epidemic.

#3 – End Hostilities

At first, End Hostilities may appear as “just another boardwipe” in a color that has several ways of mass destroying, tucking, and exiling creatures. A deeper analysis of this Khans 5 mana sorcery however, reveals an answer to a question that may have never been asked. Boardwipes may slow a deck down, but how do I stop the threat in its tracks? Several times we have seen Lightning Greaves, Sword of X and Y, a loaded Umezawe’s Jitte, or a stack of auras help juice up an attacker or voltron commander and simply apply beats to the whole table. A simple Day of Judgment has always been decent at stopping the aggression for a turn or two, but all too soon, the Voltron commander is back or another roided creature picks up a sword.

It is time to wipe the board of all creatures AND the Equipment and/or Auras attached to them. Put the Day of Judgment back into your trade binder and move up to the next level of destruction – End Hostilities. Of course, if you (like me) are the one that enjoys equipping your dudes with weapons and auras, this card is definitely not for us.

FOR ME… I play Uril, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, Sigarda, and Tajic. All of whom enjoy the extra abilities and power that come along with auras and equipment. I cannot say I am overly excited about seeing this card wreck some of my favorite game plans, but I won’t have too many issues working around it. That being said, some of my white decks that do not rely on auras and equipment (Hanna, Oloro) may find themselves with a copy of End Hostilities to take down those that do!

#2 – Utter End

If Commander/EDH where a fashion show, the hot trend would have to be exile. Destroy is so last decade and all of the cool kids are exiling troublesome permanents now-a-days. Khans of Tarkir’s Utter End will exile any permanent on the board for , that’s really darn good! In the old days we had Vindicate. Vindicate is still awesome, but for one extra mana , the ability to exile rather than destroy, and to be able to cast at Instant Speed, I will take Utter End any day of the week. The only drawback of this powerful piece of spot removal is that it is Black AND White therefore limiting the number of decks it can be legally played in.

FOR ME… My Kaalia deck has underwent quite a change and now sports an increased focus on spells that can be cast with Sunforger. Utter End will find its way into my Kaalia deck to work with Sunforger and will also find its way into my Oloro Combo Deck as a piece of removal. If you have a Black/White deck, then Utter End is a must-have!

#1 – Clever Impersonator

Clever Impersonator Best Khans EDH Commander CardIf there is one card that is consistent among Top 10 Khans lists for EDH/Commander across the wires of the internet, it has to be Clever Impersonator residing in the #1 spot. Holy lord of the Clones. This card is dripping with more mouth wattering goodness than biscuits and gravy on a hungover Sunday morning. There is not a lot to discuss about the Clever Impersonator. When he comes into play, copy any permanent on the board. Any. Shroud, Hexproof? Doesn’t matter. The sky is the limit and the possibilities of permanents it can copy are endless. Need mana ramp? Copy a Gilded Lotus. Need card advantage? Copy Consecrated Sphinx. Want to manipulate your library? Copy Sylvan Library. Want an Eldrazi? Copy Kozilek, Butcher of Truth? Praetors got you down? Copy Sheoldred, Vorinclex, or Elesh Norn. Really digging that Garruk, Apex Predator? Copy him and then destroy their Garruk!

Clever Impersonator is arguably the best clone in the format. If you play blue, get this guy in your deck. The Impersonator is currently $9 on TCGPlayer.com (Low) and $12 on StarCityGames.com. Although the price may come down a little bit while Khans is in Standard, look for this guy to be a nice investment in the long term. I am okay with spending the $9 a piece on this card. If you can get your hands on a few foils? That is even more delicious.

FOR ME… Clone and copy effects have always been one of my favorite mechanics in Magic. Dating all the way back to the 1990s when I ran the original Clone. Thank you Wizards, thank you! The Impersonator will find an immediate home in my revised Wrexial the Risen Deep Copy/Steel Deck. I will also be sliding a copy (pun intended) of the Impersonator into my Brago, King Eternal Flicker deck for Blink/Flicker shenanigans. I will also be trying to get a copy for Hannah, Lazav, and just about every other blue deck I have. Oober goodness.

So there you have it folks, my Top 10 Khans of Tarkir Cards for EDH/Commander. What do you agree with? What didn’t you like? Please comment in the section below!

On to the next!


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  1. I’ve been trying a 75% Narset build that’s a spellslinger/voltron mashup. The idea is to pump an unblockable Narset with instants during the combat phase. It’s still pretty rough, but testing so far has proved explosively fun.


    1. And “fun” is what commander is all about. 🙂 Glad to see a creative build with Narset. Keep us updated! Dig the creativity, so I put a +1 vote on your Tapped Out decklist.

  2. I think you’re completely nuts if you believe Sorrin is good in EDH. When evaluating planeswalkers in EDH, you shouldn’t bother reading the ultimate, unless the ultimate can be used the turn after you play the ‘walker. If your opponents go two full turn cycles without touching Sorrin, they deserve anything that happens to them.

    Also, I maintain a Kaalia deck, and Butcher of the Horde is not good in Kaalia. At best, it’s a sac outlet and a hasty Baneslayer Angel. However, you have to keep feeding it creatures, and Kaalia decks don’t tend to have tons of creatures that you would want to sacrifice. It’s also worth noting that I ended up cutting Baneslayer Angel.

    I have mixed feelings about Utter End. I’m willing to acknowledge that the effect is extremely powerful, and that it is reasonably priced. However, my philosophy on removal is that anything that costs more than 2 mana to kill a creature, or 3 for any permanent, is too much. Your evaluation is probably correct, but I don’t think I’ll be playing Utter End.

    Overall, pretty good review.

    1. Thank you for the comments! Yeah, as originally stated I was gonna leave Sorin out, but I looked at him from a different angle and seen a “diamond in the rough”, lol. I’ll give him a try someday.

      If you have it online, please post a link to your Kaalia list. I would love to see it. I am not sure how well Butcher will do, but the 4 mana 5/4 flyer intrigues me. I know that a lot of folks on MTGSalvatoin have wrote him off, but I have been trying to shift more towards a “faster” Kaalia build. One that is able to spit out 4 and 5 mana cost A/D/D. If Kaalia gets blown up coming out of the gate. We’ll have to see how it goes!

      I definitely understand your philosophy on removal. My Kaalia deck is built around Sunforger, so Utter End will make a great target there… Whereas, Vindicate does not work with Sunforger. Also in my Esper Combo, I usually always have four mana up so it will be a good addition there as well. 🙂

      I really appreciate your feedback, thanks again!

        • David James Gallenberger on October 9, 2014 at 9:38 am
        • Reply


        The mana base isn’t where I want it to be, and there’s a few cards I’m looking to replace, but overall, it’s a decent list.

        Butcher of the Horde isn’t a terrible card, but it’s not a good fit for Kaalia. Kaalia aggro wants to drop Kaalia when it has 4 mana, so Butcher of the Horde probably won’t hit the board until the next turn anyway (giving it 5 effective CMC). Butcher of the Horde giving itself haste isn’t bad, but if your gameplan is to kill people with angels/demons/dragons, you aren’t going to have many creatures out on t5, and the creatures you have will not be ones you want to sacrifice. The other problem is that even if you can keep feeding Butcher of the Horde, it doesn’t do very much. 5 power is about average for the creatures you want to play (and below average if you ignore creatures like Aurelia, Blinding Angel, and Master of Cruelties, where the power is irrelevant). Lifelink is almost useless in aggro decks, because you’re the one who makes everyone else worry about their life totals. Vigilance is also pointless for the same reason. Haste is really the only thing that makes Butcher of the Horde stand out, and with an effective CMC of 5, there are better hasty options (Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon, though I unfortunately do not own either of them). Kaalia is fast enough that people tend to gang up on it to stay alive, so you need to make every card count. A 5/4 with flying and haste for 5 mana really doesn’t cut it.

        1. Definitely a good list… You have some cards in there that I haven’t seen in a Kaalia deck before. I love to see new options and unique brews. I am assuming that cards like Avacyn and Iona are missing due to the outrageous cost of their services ($30 + )? Anyway, I gave your deck a “+1” on TappedOut.net.

          I can humbly agree with what you said in the above post. In fact, when I play my revised Kaalia deck and am sitting there with a worthless Butcher of the Horde in my hand, I will be getting a hold of you so you can tell me “Told You So”. But, I’m gonna try him anyway, going against the grain lol.

          I will be releasing an article detailing my “new” Kaalia deck soon. I would definitely like your opinion so I will contact you through TappedOut when the article is posted. My new build will be a “playgroup friendly” version that steers clear of Land Destruction and hated staples Master of Cruelties, Iona, and the like.

          Thanx again for the comments!

    • Tom L on October 9, 2014 at 5:14 am
    • Reply

    I’d personally give an honorable mention to the wedge colour tri-lands from the set (bonus points for foils) but other than that the list is great!

    1. Ah, yes. good call Tom. I am also excited about the wedge color tri-lands and feel bad that I didn’t mention them. I highly recommend them for wedge EDH decks and will be including them in my current (Kaalia) and future builds.

      Thank you for reading the article and visiting MTGCasualPlay.com!

  3. Cool stuff, Wally! Pretty solid review, although I agree with ibstudent220 about Sorin. That planeswalker is good in token decks, and that’s about it. Other multiplayer formats would clearly suit him better.
    Clever Impersonator is my no. 1 multiplayer card of the set, regardless of the format you’re playing. This guy is simply amazing! Considering that Phyrexian Metamorph has been running rampant in my play group, this clone variant is bound to make its influence felt sooner rather than later.
    With regard to the other RUG legends, Surrak Dragonclaw seems a bit underwhelming. Sure, he’s a fat beater but the others have abilities so powerful that he looks a bit sad in my opinion. As a supporter though, he’s awesome, especially in Animar decks. If I hadn’t taken my Animar deck apart, he’s have his spot guaranteed.
    By the way, what do you think about Mindswipe? Unless your opponent can pay (which they shouldn’t considering that they are just trying to cast a fatty when you use it), this can be absolutely backbreaking.
    And Deflecting Palm is awesome against Voltron Commanders such as Uril. There, eat your own 5467 damage!
    Ah, I like this set. 😉

    1. Thank you my friend! This was one of the funnest reviews I did in a long time! 🙂

      Yeah, I was really on the fence about Sorin, although I will stick to my logic. I think he is just a tad underrated, but he is so boring that he looks bad. lol.

      Clever Impersonator makes me tingle. He is so freaking awesome. He will be EVERYWHERE very, very soon. 🙂

      Surrak… I am going to build this dude… although it won’t be about him being the “fat beater” but more about protecting big R/G monsters from counterspells, giving them trample, and then protecting them with Blue magic. He will good in his own right, I promise. 🙂

      In multiplayer, I think Mindswipe would be a decent counterspell. However, with the 40 life you get in Commander, I am not so certain. I think I would rather have a regular hard counter like Counterspell.

      As a Uril player, I hope I never see a Deflecting Palm… lol. However, the good thing is that the damage redirected by Deflecting Palm is NOT considered Commander Damge. Whew! Thank goodness!

      Thanx again my friend!

    • anthony on October 12, 2014 at 9:20 pm
    • Reply

    Working on a fun narset build. Trying for white weenies, plus voltron, plus a little bit of ridiculous spells. Has been pretty fun to play with heroic effects from theros and great synergy with some izzet creatures as well. Probably too creature heavy but don’t care haha.

    1. Nice! Great to see more players partaking in a “rogue” Narset build. Although, I am curious as to what your “ridiculous spells” may include!

      Thank you for the comment!

  4. Like you, Wally, I tend to think in terms of what benefits my own decks rather than which cards are solid in a vacuum. As such my favourites from the set are probably Bloodsoaked Champion and Grim Haruspex, because they fit so wonderfully into Ob Nixilis and his sac-based control deck. I’m saccing my own creatures constantly for value anyway, so another copy of Reassembling Skeleton is a slice of fried gold, with the Haruspex being a not-quite-as-good Harvester of Souls to add redundancy.

    1. Hey Tom! Thanx for the comment! Yeah, I’ve been trying to do a better job separating the “Top 10 Cards” from the “Top 10 Cards for MY decks”. I used to really be biased in my reviews… But I think I have that under good control now. IMO, this review does a fair job at including a bit of both by stating Top 10 “Overall” evaluation and the “For Me” cards that I like.

      Intrigued on the Grim Haruspex. I opened one in a booster the other day. I was thinking about playtesting it in my Chainer Commander deck. It is based around sacrifice effects, so it may do a bit of good in there. Skullclamping Reassembling Skeleton and drawing three instead of two sounds like a good time! 🙂

    • John on May 6, 2015 at 1:24 pm
    • Reply

    A bit late, but that 3 card Ugin’s Nexus combo can be a 2 card + one turn combo.

    1. Play Ugin’s Nexus and Prototype Portal. Use Prototype Portal to make an Ugin’s Nexus.
    2. Use Prototype Portal to make a Nexus, abide by the legend rule and sac a Nexus.

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