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Toasty Blazing Specters – Casual Legacy Burn/Discard

Guul Draz Specter Casual Legacy Deck

Theme: Burn/Discard
Color Pie: Rakdos (Black/Red)
Difficulty: Beginner
Competition: Casual Play

Just for Fun Black/Red casual deck with a burn/discard spectre theme. Specters and Rats provide the discard, while the “Toasty” element of the deck centers around burn spells such as Lightning Bolt for direct damage and spot removal.

Strategy: Empty your opponents hand by using your army of Rats & Specters. Clear a path for your attackers by using your burn spells and prepare to finish the game using Guul Draz Specter once your opponent has no cards in hand.

Feel free to comment on possible additions – if you do, please offer a subsititution recommendation.

Toasty Blazing Specters Decklist

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