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Tag: Multi Player EDH

Generals That Will Make you a Target From Turn One!

Most generals (in my playgroup anyway) fall into one of three (rather broad) categories. Pillars, Middle-of-the-roam and tertiary. Pillar generals are cards that are enough to carry the deck to victory if left unchecked, are key to the deck playing consistency (the general is combo-piece or enables recursion/fetching) or set up an oppressive board state …

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Et Tu Brute? Wrexial, the Risen Deep EDH Deck

Wally D. - MTG Casual Play Writer

Two years can change a Commander deck quite a bit when you think of all the new sets, cards and product released annually by Wizards. Couple new product with the change in playgroups, metas, ideas and strategies and you have yourself an evolved EDH deck. Welcome to my revised primer for Wrexial, the Risen …

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Multiplayer Madness I – The New Guy

MTG Writer - Mago

Hello everybody!

I am Kuchisama, and since you can’t have heard of me before, I’ll use this article to introduce myself and to talk a bit about what you can expect from me in the future. Well, I am currently 33 years old, live in Bonn, the former capital of Germany, and earn my money …

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