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Tag: mtg standard decks

Video Khans Standard – Constellation vs Jeskai Wins

Wally D. - MTG Casual Play Writer

Welcome back to the MTG Casual Play Video VERSUS Series. Today we take a look at Khans of Tarkir Standard. In this episode, Rude Dawg, once again, brings two of his standard decks to the table: Constellation vs Jeskai Wins. The Dawg pilots Abzan Constellation originally played by Tony Ranallo at Star City Games Open …

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Reaper Demon Fun Stuff

Jared Mancil - Magic the Gathering Writer

Talk about rebuild, after rebuild, after rebuild. This deck went through a great deal of changes to get here. I started out looking to use and to win, but playing through it it just was not there. I do have a nifty idea for a deck utilizing those cards though! Anyway back to this deck. …

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