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Magic the Gathering and Sociology: Blue

MTG Discussion Articles

Continuing my series from last week, today we’re going to dive into the intellectually-developed world of Blue and their approach to social problems. Given Blue’s focus on self-improvement and knowledge, I think they’d be quite invested in the education system- Blue wants a society of free-thinking individuals. As with last week, I’m going to start …

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The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt

The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt (This article has been edited since its initial publication, most notably the sideboards for our stage 2 and 3 build. Thank you MTGAmino user Rectcarahc Eman for the suggestions)

Welcome back to The Modern Learning Curve! The goal of this ongoing series is to introduce players to the …

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Multiplayer Madness 32 – To Assemble a Legion

Welcome back to Multiplayer Madness, people!

You probably all know the situation: A new set is released and there is one card that absolutely fascinates you. You want to shove it into every deck you have and you want to build new decks around it although you cannot say yet whether the card is actually …

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Multiplayer Madness 28 – Commander 2015, Part 3

Welcome to the third part of my Commander 2015 review! While the first part dealt with white and green and can be found here, part two was all about Dimir (blue and black) in case you’re interested. Today though, we’ll be talking about red, gold, artifacts and lands. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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Multiplayer Madness 27 – Commander 2015, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Commander 2015 review! The first part dealt with white and green and can be found here in case you’re interested. Today’s agenda is all about blue and black though. Please be aware that I always evaluate cards from a multiplayer perspective as I’m a multiplayer Magic enthusiast at …

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Multiplayer Madness 25 – Alternative Formats: The Chaos Stack

Hey people, welcome back!

Today, we’re going to spice up your multiplayer games by making a small change in order to achieve a very different gameplay. What I’m talking about? Well, my playgroup calls it “The Chaos Stack”.

Rules Rundown

The general concept is easy and I’m sure that there are uncountable versions throughout the …

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Multiplayer Madness 24 – A Storm of Possibilities

Hello, hello!

Welcome back to Multiplayer Madness! After three articles on Magic Origins, it’s finally time for some cool new decks, don’t you think? So today, I’ll show you a fun multiplayer deck that focuses on one of the weirdest enchantments we’ve ever seen: .

Uncontrolled Chaos

As soon as hits the table, normal gameplay …

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Derevi: Warper of Format

Today’s article will be brief. It’s about the confines of the Elder Dragon Format that were breached by .

I’ll put this out there: I’m not a fan of the Bruising Bant Bird Wizard. I should, but for reasons I’m going to elaborate on in painful detail below, I don’t.

I mean, I should like …

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Multiplayer Madness 23 – Magic Origins, Part 3

Red, gold, artifacts and lands. That’s what’s still missing and what we’ll be looking at today. In case you’re interested, you can find my thoughts on white and green here and on blue and black here.

As usual, I’ll be evaluating the cards from a multiplayer angle, and this means that your opinion might …

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Let’s Get Political (Part 1)

Let’s say something that everyone knows already: Elder Dragon Highlander is a whole different animal from the other formats. It is, of course, a multiplayer, kitchen table format and it is because of these, and not despite these characteristics that endures. Because of those two traits, it is inherently more social, more dynamic and political …

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