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Your Guide to Control in EDH, Part 3: Win Conditions

I’m back for the third and final segment of this comprehensive guide for Control Players in EDH. After talking about the third column of any Control player’s strategy, I’ll go back and review and conclude some things about the Control playstyle as it applies to the EDH table.

The Ways to Win

This column has …

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Your Guide to Control in EDH, Part 2: Answers

We’re back, folks, and this part of my Guide to Control in EDH will talk about answers, perhaps the most critical component to Control decks in general and a large component of any kind of EDH deck. See the end of this article to move to the third and final part of this guide.

The …

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A Creatureless Challenge: Continued

I profusely apologize for my lateness to return with more content for MTGCasualPlay.com. Besides personal business in my life, I found it most necessary to get more concrete testing in before I drew any conclusions for an article idea. I want to keep things fresh, and while I do provide deck techs fairly frequently, it’s …

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Glaring Spotlight Volume 7 – Reito Lantern

GLARING SPOTLIGHT is a Magic the Gathering™ column featuring a card that may have gone over-looked during the the building of your EDH Commander deck. Today we discuss .

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Zombie Queen – My Adventure With the Living Dead

When I first began playing Magic: the Gathering back in early 2011, I was very intrigued by the varieties of all the decks I saw; of course, this was primarily due to the casual environment I was exposed to, with decks with not limited by set legality and the only restrictions in deck building being …

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