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Rules Committee Leak? Rule Changes to the EDH Format

MTG Articles - General Discussion

Welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com! My name is Wally D. and I am an avid EDH player. My playgroup and most of the local game stores in my area utilize the ban list and rules set forth by the EDH Rules Committee for our local Commander events. While today’s article was prompted in direct response to a …

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February 2014 Commander EDH Banned List – Born of the Gods

Wally D. - MTG Casual Play Writer

What Cards are now Banned in EDH? Four times a year, Magic the Gathering™ Players hold their breath in anticipation of the next problematic cards to receive the ban-hammer. For Commander/EDH, these announcements are released by a separate governing body, the EDH Rules Committee. We can usually expect to see the Banned List updated shortly …

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