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Theros Prerelease Results – W/B Bestow Heroics

Magic the Gathering ™ pre-release events have always been a favorite of mine and are currently one of the few Magic events I attend outside of Commander and the occasional booster draft. Sunday was a little tough in the concentration department seeings that I over saturated my brain with adult beverages the night before while DJing a wedding reception. Nevertheless, the anticipation of the Theros Block, which parallels the world of Greek Mythology, would not keep me from participating. Besides, I have had some really great luck at the last two prereleases finishing 4-1 (3rd Place) for M14 and 5-0 (2nd Place) at Dragon’s Maze, so let’s do this!

Theros Pre-Release Promo Celestial Archon - White

Theros Pre-Release Results

Fighting through the hangover with nothing but a pack of crackers, a gatorade, and a half cup of coffee, I was astonished that I finished the day with a 4-1 record. My only loss came in the 4th round to a good friend of mine who ended up finishing the day at 5-0 (my mulligan to 4 cards in game 2 didn’t help either). My 4-1 record with this Sealed Theros Deck garnished a 4th place finish out of 46 players and a prize of 8 Theros Booster Packs.

I have always been a fan of White and chose it as my path and color devotion. Even though my Theros Booster Packs did not yield a bomb mythic or high dollar card, I ended up with a nice collection of limited goodness.

Here is the deck that I built from my card pool.

Theros Sealed Decklist – White/Black

At my age, it is hard to recall the events and details of my matches, however, I will go through a couple of the cards in my Bestow Heroics deck that proved to be all stars.

Whip of Erebos is great in Limited!


Whip of Erebos: At one time during deck building, I almost considered not including the Whip due to the double black casting cost. Oh my goodness, the Whip of Erebos is amazing in limited play. The lifelink granted by this weapon of the black god can swing the momentum of a game in my favor within a few turns. There was a game that I was down to 1 and came back to win. Down to 9, came back to win. There were a couple of games where I finished at 23 life, 27 life, and 35 life. If you open the Whip of Erebos in Limited, play it!

Bestow Creatures

So much better than I originally thought. The best-of-the-best from my card pool were my playset of Cavern Lampad. In the early game I was putting them onto the battlefield and late game using their bestow ability. Either way, I was connecting all day long with the under-rated Intimidate ability. Hopeful Eidolon‘s Lifelink was also fantastic. In my first few matches I was using Hopeful Eidolon as a one drop . However, I found this spirit enchantment creature worked best if I held it to turn 4 and enchanted one of my two or three drops. Better yet, turn 5 on an intimidating Cavern Lampad

Heroic Creatures

Out of my Heroic creatures, Fabled Hero stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. His double strike ability combined with intimidate and/or lifelink was quite menacing, throw in the Heroic ability and he was definitely lived up to the “hero” in his namesake.

The Rest

Although the Double Black prevented or delayed her appearance once or twice, Keepsake Gorgon was often an answer to an opponent’s threat when it hit the board. Keepsake’s deathtouch was problems my opponent’s had to deal with, and although I only activated the Monstrosity ability one time, that one time won me the game.

Playset of Cavern Lampad in Limited


As stated before, the Whip was the centerpiece of this deck. I didn’t see Fleetfeather Sandals very often throughout the day, but for limited events, it is worth including/drafting. on a couple of occasions, the Sandals provided another form of evasion to help creatures like Fabled Hero get through enemy defenses.


If you have played Magic Limited events such as sealed before, I don’t have to tell you how good combat tricks are. Battlewise Valor played that roll on occasion. In fact, I do recall pulling off 1 or 2 bluffs when my opponent did not attack/block because I left open. I also have to give props to Ray of Dissolution for Theros limited sealed or booster draft. Ray of Dissolution helped me win game 3 of my second match. My opponent was sitting at 7 life, pumped his creatures with a few tricks and attacked for lethal. Since my guys were turned sideways from my previous turn, I could not block. He had an enchantment on one of his creatures giving it +1/+0. I disenchanted the aura gained my life from the Ray of Dissolution, lived to my next turn and then swung for the win.

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