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Ugin’s Insight 6 – Rubinia Soulsinger Super Friends EDH Deck

Hello readers welcome back to the second installment of Ugin’s Insight! This is the new article series that features YOU and YOUR EDH deck in an interview style format. If you would like to have your deck featured on Ugin’s Insight, it’s easy! Simply go to the MagicEDH.com EDH Deck Interview Page and fill out the form.

It has been a couple of weeks since the last article in this series was published. My apologies as I was unable to make my self imposed Sunday deadline two weeks in a row. I’ll have to simply attribute this to my 60 hour work weeks. But let’s see if we can get back on track, shall we? Now then. Let’s get started!

Rubinia Soulsinger EDH Deck by RainbowMage

About RainbowMage: Today’s article features an interview with EDH Reddit user /u/RainbowMage as he introduces his Rubinia Soulsinger Commander Deck. RainbowMage has been playing Magic the Gathering™ for 17 years starting with Mercadian Masques at the age of 7. Some of his favorite blocks include Invasion, Lorwyn and Ravnica. RainbowMage is definitely a Grixis player. He loves to use his graveyard as a toolbox/resource and has a bunch of ways to answer any non enchantment problem! He currently has six (6) EDH decks but tends to take apart decks that don’t play often to build new ones.

About the Deck: The name of this deck is Enchantress & Friends. RainbowMage has been playing this deck for a little less than a year now after converting it to a Super Friends deck. This commander brew is somewhat built around it’s general. It works better having access to Rubinia, but can still be relevant in a game without her. This EDH Deck matches the power level of RainbowMage’s playgroup and they are definitely cool with it when he shuffles it up for a game. The deck itself is of average difficulty and can be piloted by anyone with a firm grasp of how to play Commander.

Here is a few more insightful facts about the deck:

  • This deck is versatile for Multiplayer or 1v1 Commander games
  • Follows the Normal EDH Rules Committee Banlist
  • Built to be Semi-Competitive
  • RainbowMage’s Rubinia Deck is an Aggro Super Friends deck

Before we begin the interview, let’s take a look at the Rubinia Super Friends EDH Decklist!

Rubinia Soulsinger EDH Deck

Commander (1)
Planeswalkers (16)
Creatures (12)
Enchantments (14)
Artifacts (10)
Instants (5)
Sorcery (4)
Non Basic Land (19)
Snow Lands (19)

Rubinia EDH Deck Interview with RainbowMage

Rubinia Soulsinger Super Friends EDH Deck

MTGCasualPlay.com: Why did you choose this commander?

RainbowMage: The nightmare of getting a good land base for a 5 color deck to function without tearing apart several decks turned me away from that. Still wanting to build a super friends deck though I wanted white and blue for sure them being the colors for the majority of the walkers I like. At first I tried but found it just poor preforming with out the broken Narset, Enlightened Master at the helm. I opted for green instead since there are also a ton of awesome enchantments in that color. I just needed to find a bant commander that fit the bill. Oh my lord does Rubinia Soulsinger fit that bill like a glove. She is able to disrupt and protect by just sitting there doing nothing.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Give us a Brief History of this deck and how it came about.

RainbowMage: The original list was my first deck in EDH that has gone though massive changes though the years. At first, it was an Isamaru, Hound of Konda voltron. Later he was upgraded to Kemba, Kha Regent. Feeling restricted in mono color and wanting blue I switched her to Daxos of Meletis. Slowly losing voltron and switching focus to enchantments i ran Hanna, Ship’s Navigator. Then when Narset, Enlightened Master was spoiled i started to amass planeswalkers to make a super friends with her but needed about 1/2 of the Hanna deck to be able to fill out the spots and land base. I didn’t like the feel of Narset. Either I attack once and win or I never attack and I lose. So I switched her to Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest so I could draw less hate but that didnt work out at all. I switched red out for green and put Rubinia Soulsinger at the helm and have been extremely happy with her.

MTGCasualPlay.com: What are your Win Conditions?

RainbowMage: The main way the deck wins is to just dump a bunch of tokens out and throw them at the other guys face.

There has been a couple times were I was able to get rubinia to 11/13 and up with Ajani, Mentor of Heroes and gave her flying with Elspeth, Knight-Errant to kill with commander damage. Good Feeling but a rare thing.

Last the deck can combo out with The Chain Veil and Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Tezzeret the Seeker, and Garruk Wildspeaker for as many walker activation as you want

I will also count Venser, Teferi, Narset, and Kiora Ultimates as win cons. Almost every single time you get one of the ults you will be at such a high advantage that only a combination of bad things put together can stop it even if the game is 1v3 (which it will be at that point).

MTGCasualPlay.com: Are there any specific strategies when playing the deck?

RainbowMage: Early game is passively building up to were you can drop your planeswalkers without them dying and having them make it all the way around. Also, dropping enchantresses and enchantments to gain advantage and dealing only with major threats.

Mid game is usually after you drop Rubinia since she is the most consistant way to protect your walkers. After Rubinia is out you want to start dropping your walkers and start cranking out tokens so you can defend your walkers better.

Late game is were you start to look to switch to the aggressive and start taking players out. Mostly turning your field sideways and bruteforcing your way though your opponents

MTGCasualPlay.com: What are some of the deck’s strengths?

RainbowMage: Overall she is a quite resilient in general, with walker and enchantment wipes not being too common (at least in my meta) it is hard to keep my board clear outside of In Garruk’s Wake & Austere Command being the common two boardwipes that I see.

Outside of that though she deals very well with creature based decks being able to steal key creatures like commanders and being able to out swarm most decks outside of goblins and elf decks of the sorts even then having some key cards to help with the match ups

MTGCasualPlay.com: What are some of the Weaknesses of the Deck?

RainbowMage: Heavy control decks are a large problem, they can deal with key cards and force us to grow our field at a much slower rate then we want. You just have to use politics and hope that either they use their tools to deal with other players or try to get other players to push them out of the game.

Stax decks can also be a problem if they get going early enough. If we can get a walker or two out that can make tokens it can be doable but still an annoying matchup.

Also In Garruk’s Wake.

MTGCasualPlay.com: What are some of the more Powerful cards or interactions of the deck?

RainbowMage: Rubinia Soulsigner, the commander herself, has carried more then her weight for the deck with just the threat of being able to steal the creature you want to block with if you attack my walkers. Although you have to be careful with her and Prophet of Kurphix since she forces you to untap Rubinia during your opponents turn.

Doubling Season is another heavyweight in the deck that needs to be dealt with. Letting most of your walkers “ultimate” right when they enter the battlefield along with doubling tokens.

The Chain Veil and Rings of Brighthearth are also in the top spots letting you get more walker activations.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite gets the final spot. She is just good, she pumps your little token dudes into beefy guys while making your foes meek and meager.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Are there any Unique or Underrated cards that you play in this deck?

RainbowMage: I don’t feel there are many unique card selections but I don’t see many non-5 color super friends. Since we have 2 less colors to worry about I feel that the manabase is easier.

I also don’t see a sub theme in many Super Friend lists. There have been a couple of times were I just wasn’t able to keep walkers on the field and was able to carry my self though a game with just the enchantments and creatures in the deck.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Do you have a Wish List of Cards that you would like to add?

RainbowMage: Outside of lands…

Austere CommandAkroma’s Vengeance, so I can wipe artifacts if needed and not be forced to kill my enchantments

Archangel of TithesSigarda, Host of Herons. Sigarda is a nice beater and allows me to not sacrifice when I’m forced to, but Archangel of Tithes is another way to protect my planeswalkers and is an awesome finisher once a good army is built.

Gideon, Ally of ZendikarNahiri, the Lithomancer. Strictly a better token maker and can swing for good chunks of life and an ultimate that we can get off more then once. Even though the weapon she makes is awesome it is a rare thing to happen even with doubling Season out.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Are there cards missing because they didn’t work or were too Powerful? What happened?

RainbowMage: Only things that are missing are missing because getting them wouldn’t be realistic to obtain. such as Moat. Moat would be a monster in this deck, but I was shelling out that much money I would rather obtain another deck to play.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Why would I want to play this deck?

RainbowMage: If you like doing a bunch of stuff between playing spells, like activating planeswalkers a bunch of times and large combats. You can have lengthy turns sometimes.

If you like to keep your stuff outside of a few cards that can mass-wipe everything.

Also Planeswalkers. They are the coolest cards in magic, hands down.

MTGCasualPlay.com: Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your EDH Deck. Is there anything else you would like to include before we wrap things up?

RainbowMage: I would just like to give a shout out to my buddy /u/darth_meatloaf and his awesome decks


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Rubinia Enchantress & Friends EDH Decklist by Straffa (RainbowMage)

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