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Reaper Demon Fun Stuff

Talk about rebuild, after rebuild, after rebuild. This deck went through a great deal of changes to get here. I started out looking to use Deathrite Shaman and Agent of the Fates to win, but playing through it it just was not there. I do have a nifty idea for a deck utilizing those cards though! Anyway back to this deck. I started looking at the Metagame now and thought about the fact that it will start to stretch out to more Midrange soon, and decided I wanted to build a deck that could come out strong and stay strong throughout the match. Thus, it is all about the curve. This deck curves out like crazy and offers me a great deal of options to plug holes in the curve at any point.



Lotleth Troll and Scavenging Ooze start my curve, then I can quickly turn into either of the hydras, after that Desecration Demon , and then a turn 6 Reaper of the Wilds. I really like having the oozes in this deck because of how versatile they are. The real fun starts when Corpsejack Menace comes out to play. He makes the hydras achieve some true value, and helps demon get big fast. With all the new artifacts and enchantments in the cost range out of Theros cards like Abrupt Decay become essential for keeping the game in your favor.

Deck Stats

Average mana cost: 2.61

symbols – 35

symbols – 29

Curve by cost 

– 4

– 17

– 4

– 11

– 7

Card Types

Creature : 25

Spell : 11

Land : 24


Side Notes:

I am considering running a few copies of Bioshift  in this, just have not decided what I would cut out.


The best opening hand I have had so far was: Overgrown Tomb, Forest, Swamp, Abrupt Decay, Scavenging Ooze,Desecration Demon, and Mistcutter Hydra



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