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Rainbow Toolbox EDH – Sliver Overlord

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind EDH Blue/Black

Sliver Overlord EDH Deck – Rainbow Goodness

When I was trying to decide my EDH general, I had narrowed it down to three options: Rhys the Redeemed, Horde of Notions, and Sliver Overlord. A friend of mine decided to do Rhys the Redeemed, and I decided to go with Sliver Overlord.

I was still very new to Magic, so everyone told me to start with two color deck due to the expense and difficulty piloting a five color. I always like a challenge, so I went with the Overlord. I started off with cheap lands such as the CiPT tri-lands, and a good chunk of basics. Here’s what my deck currently looks like:

Rainbow Goodness


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Decklist Last updated 09/25/2012

Reverend Dr. Chris Shingleton

Chris Shingleton Gumby Costume - Jumping Over Fire

Rainbow Goodness – Sliver Overlord was a five color EDH deck designed and played by my good friend Chris Shingleton. Chris was going to be a writer/contributor on MTGCasualPlay.com and this article was saved as a DRAFT that he intended to finish at a later time. Tragically, our good friend Chris passed away at a very young age in 2013. There will never be another Chris Shingleton in this world, as his personality and intelligence resided on a higher level that most people would never be able to understand.

Chris was one of the most unique individuals I have ever known and I am honored to remember him as one of my closest friends. When I first started getting back into Magic the Gathering™ after a 10 year absence from the game, Chris introduced me to EDH. His Sliver Overlord deck was one of the first EDH decks I ever played and played against. If it wasn’t for Chris, I might have never started playing EDH. Even though I was older than him, I still looked up to Chris and admired his honesty, imagination, and compassion.

In regards to Magic, “Rev. Shingleton” loved the EDH Commander format and was the definition of a casual player. His philosophy on EDH was never geared towards winning or losing but just to have fun. The crazier and more bizarre our board states developed, the more fun he seemed to have. Chris enjoyed bringing new players to the game and teaching them how to play. During a game, it was not uncommon for Chris to use his board state to help others set up to win the game. Like all other games he played, Chris seemed to have the most fun when his friends around him were enjoying the game.

So as you can see, I felt that Chris’ EDH article and decklist needed to be published and shared with the world. We have not altered the decklist or beginning paragraph and never intend to do so.


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