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Prossh Dragon Tribal EDH Deck with Tokens


Hey there! This is my work in progress for Prossh Dragon Tribal with Tokens. This includes the new cards from Dragons of Tarkir.

What dragons am I missing? What do you recommend I add or change?

Please comment on the reddit post or down below for suggestions or thoughts. Once I have completed the deck, I will alter this page into an article/primer, so check back often!

I am running Prossh primarily for the token production. I would really like to win with a swarm of tokens and/or a swarm of Dragons. I do not want to include Food Chain or Mana Echoes. Also, a lot of clone effects in my meta so I don’t want to spend the $20 on Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund.

Also… question. Do I need to run BOTH Parallel Lives and Doubling Season? Also… if I have both of these enchantments in play and I cast Prossh to get 6 kobolds… How many tokens will I get? 18?

I want this deck to be semi-competitive and I will be playing it in a multiplayer environment.

Thank you for your help!

commander (1)
creatures (27)
enchantments (12)
planeswalkers (3)
spells (9)
ramp (6)
artifacts (5)
lands (37)
maybe board (12)

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