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Pauper’s Pit – Theros Set Review – White

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit!

I’m your host, Rick Starkweather.  Today, I’m going to start something I’ve never done before: A complete set review.  My take on the usefulness of the entire set, color by color.  Well, all the commons.  It is Pauper’s Pit, after all.  All of this will be on a five point scale with 1 being “don’t play it” to 5 being “insane and useful anywhere”.  So, let’s get started!


Battlewise Valor2.0

At 1W, as far as combat tricks, I’ve seen worse.  The ability to Scry 1 at instant speed makes it a little better.  Over all, if there was a white weeny deck that needed a two CC combat trick, it would fit a slot, but there are better.

Cavalry Pegasus2.5

I like this card for a couple of reasons.  In pauper, a 1/1 flier for 2 with an upside isn’t horrible by any stretch, there are more than enough common humans that an evasive alpha strike is nice.  Again, in white weeny, could play a good role.  That being said, there are better commons at 2 CC.  It has some potential, but, with the recent banning, that’s somewhat open.

Chosen by Heliod 3

I like this card and think it could find a home in an Aura Gnarlid / Ethereal Armor deck.  The fact that it cantrips helps dig and makes it less of a two for one.

Divine Verdict – 3

It’s something to be weary of attacking in or defending into four mana.  I think it’s an awesome surprise and games getting to turn four-five in pauper are, pardon the pun, common enough.  If there’s a UW control shell, I like it in it.

Ephara’s Warden – 1.0

Yeah, tapping down a creature is fine, but there are so many better ones.  It is strictly worse than Ballynock Trapper.  Don’t play it.

Gods Willing – 4
Great Pauper Card from Theros Gods Willing

If you can fit this in your deck, it is rare that it will not help you.  That you can Scry 1 as well for one white isn’t too shabby either.  At worst, it lets you look at the next card down and get rid of it.  At best, it protects your creatures from spot removal or lets you save your creature while killing an opponent’s.  I dig it!

Hopeful Eidolon – 2

While I am partial to anything that makes Aura Gnarlid better (hey, we all have to have a pet card) I’m not sure this is it.  While it does curve out after AG, I’m not sure this would be my choice.  Maybe I’m undervaluing it, but it’s just underwhelming.

Lagonna-Band Elder – 2

it’s a 3/2 for 3 that might gain you life.  If you’re building a life gain theme, sure, but as with the warden, there are better cards for the same cost.

Last Breath – 2.5

On the play, it’s a good spot removal early, but at the cost of four life.  Still, it is an exile effect.  May be less useful in pauper, but early game it’s still removal.

Leonin Snarecaster2.5

Good for getting past a huge blocker, he’s still a 2/1 for 2, which isn’t the worst thing in pauper.  He’s a soldier, so I imagine there are more than a few cards that care about having a soldier on the field.

Great Pauper Card from Theros Observant Alseid
Observant Alseid3.5

Probably one of the best new common enchantments, at three mana, a 2/2 Vigilance creature is pretty good.  The ability to make one of your creatures +2/+2 and have Vigilance for 5?  Bonkers.  As before, this card with Ethereal Armor is a real thing.

Ray of Dissolution1.5

Unless you’re planning on playing an enchantment heavy meta (and I don’t think Pauper is heading that way) this card is a sideboard card at best.  I’d still rather play Naturalize[/card].

Scholar of Athreos2.5

Any time I see an interesting mana sink in Pauper it gets my attention, especially loss of life.  Give it’s on a 1/4 body makes it even better.  It will have to find its place, and I imagine there is a W/B deck for it somewhere.

Setessan Battle Priest – 2

Bad cards are bad.  If this were the only white card with Heroic, I might rate it higher, but I don’t think the life gain is worth it.  Its sole redeeming quality is that it’s a 1/3 for 2.

Setessan Griffin2.5

A 3/2 flier for 5 is kind of clunky, even if you can beef it up next turn to a 5/4.  Of any of the white cards, this is the one I’m least certain of and I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Silent Artisan1

A 3/5 for five?  Pass.

Traveling Philosopher1

Because, sometimes, you just need another bear.  Not usually.  In fact, there are 45 other common creature cards for the same CMC that are white that are outrightly better.  Pass.

Windsteed Rider4

The only thing keeping this card from being a 4.5 or a 5 is that it’s 1WW to cast.  I think this is one of the best creatures that came out of the set for Pauper.  I cannot wait to build around this card.

Yoked Ox3

That’s right.  3.  If you’re trying to stave off an agro deck, W for a 0/4 is crazy good.  Further, it does NOT have Defender.  It may not be the greatest white one drop for pauper, but I like it.


Well, that does it for White.  I’ll post Blue later tomorrow.  Until then, pay like a pauper, play like a king.




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