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Pauper’s Pit – Theros Set Review – Blue

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit!

Today we’re going to cover all the blue commons in Theros.  Again, ratings will be from 1 to 5, with 1 being “bad card is bad” to 5 being “this is the greatest common ever”.

Annul – 2.0

Another reprint of a card that’s been around since Urza’s Saga, with all the new enchantments, it might see play or be a sideboard card, but I don’t see any decks packing four of these.

Aqueous Form – 4.0

Great Pauper Blue Card from Theros Aqueous Form

I think this is possibly the best common aura card to be made in years.  Evasion?  Check.  Bonus ability?  Scry?  Yes, please.  I love this card.  I’m not sure where it will fit, but I LOVE this card.

Benthic Giant – 3.5

There are only eight common creatures that have hexproof without any other requirements.  It is, IMO, second only to Silhana Ledgewalker for usefulness.  Yes, this is six mana.  It is also the largest hexproof creature at this rarity.  It’s splashable.  Voltron this card to your hearts content.

Breaching Hippocamp 1.5

(Edited – thanks to Josh for the catch)

Another card I’m not overly certain on.  If there was a tap ability that made him worth playing, it’s good.  If you have a tapped huge fatty, he’s a four CC combat trick.  On his own, he’s an at EOT blocker.  I know he has a good use, just haven’t found it yet.  If he had flying (and I missed that), he’d be decent.  Now?  Meh.

Coastline Chimera – 1.5

While it has a decent body, I don’t like the ability.  It could block a couple of dudes, but you’re wasting mana that could be better used elsewhere.

Crackling Triton – 2.0

A 2/3 for three in blue isn’t bad.  He’s potentially an extra two if you need to and, as long as you have the mana, difficult for you opponent to get rid of profitably.  The part that makes it salvageable is that it’s target creature or player.

Fate Foretold 3.0

Drawing a card at sorcery speed isn’t great, even at two mana.  Getting a second one off a creature you want to die anyway?  There we go.  It’s a nice bit of incremental advantage.


Didn’t we just get this?  It’s still a good way to get rid of something and set your opponent back.  Almost a Time Walk if the creature is big enough.

Lost in the Labyrinth 2.0

A blue combat trick + Scry 1.  Meh.  It’s okay, but few uses in a mono blue deck unless you’re wanting to trade.

Mnemonic Wall2.0

Speaking of things coming back, this wasn’t bad the first time, but it wasn’t great either.

Nimbus Naiad4.0
Great Pauper Blue Card from Theros Nimbus Naiad

A 2/2 flier for three in and of itself isn’t hugely spectacular.  An enchantment for five that gives your creature +2/+2 and flying AND gives you a 2/2 flier when that creatures dies.  Yes, please.  Splashable, playable, and usable for agro-control, control, and blue sky decks.  I expect to see this do some work on MTGO pauper queues.

Omenspeaker – 4.0

The fact that this is a 1/3 for two (yay stopping bears) and can stall out agro and you get to scry 2.  Yum yum.  In a blue control shell, this is a solid player.  Ina U/x combo shell, bring it on.  I love this card and it is one of the best commons in the set so far.

Prescient Chimera3.0

It’s a very novel ability that I would’ve liked to see cheaper, but, well, I’m greedy.  Any time you counter something: Scry 1.  Any time you bounce something: Scry 1.  Combat trick?  Yeah, buddy.  At five, we would hope to have something that will blow out your opponent, but this is pretty snazzy.

Stymied Hopes2.5

Let’s see.  What was that spell you tapped out for?  You must’ve really wanted it.  Sorry, but thanks for letting me look at my top card.  I appreciate it.  Seriously, it’s no Mana Leak, but it is a decent counter.  At worst, you get to scry one.

Thassa’s Bounty – 2.5

As much as I’d like to beat this card down, it is three cards plus a nominal upside.  In pauper, there’s also Ponder, which is draw three with a negligible downside for U.  I doubt we see it competitively, but, if there’s a pauper mill deck, this will be in it.

Triton Shorethief1.0

It’s better than a Merfolk of the Pearl Trident.  That’s not saying much.


I have to like a 2/1 flier for two in common because it’s rare you’ll block with the silly thing in the first place.  This is blue skies for days.  Outside of that?  Junk.

Voyage’s End3.0

It’s no Boomerang, but it does Scry.  Bouncing a fatty has always been a good choice and this is no exception.  It’s rare this will be a dead card in Pauper.

Wavecrash Tritan 2.0

My gut instinct says someone will break this card.  I like it’s psuedo-sleep effect, but the catch is finding something worth targeting it with.  Maybe putting a +1/+1 counter on it the Clockspinning it?  Too many hoops.


Well, that’s it for my blue set review.  Black will be either this weekend or Monday, so stay tuned.  Until next time, my your brews be mighty and your games might fun.



    • Josh on October 3, 2013 at 10:44 pm
    • Reply

    The hippocamp doesn’t have flying. I thought it did at the prerelease, based on the art, but it doesn’t.

    1. Good catch. Yeah. I missed that and it makes a difference.

    2. Breaching Hippocamp does not have “Flying”, but should have “Swimming” since he is a fish, lol.

      Another great review Rick, well done sir.

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