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Pauper’s Pit – Bringing the Beatdown


Welcome to Pauper’s Pit. Today, we’re going to head our way around the metagame clock to The Beatdown. Today’s deck is going to focus on being aggressive.

I’d like to start with the basic premise that, with a beat down deck, you’re usually talking about large green creatures or lots of small white creatures. If you’re going green, there’s no better mana ramp in pauper than green. While elves are notoriously good at this, I want to take a different angle, especially with M14 coming soon. If you go back… way back… there was a set and block called Tempest. Tempest introduced us to the plane of Rath and to a creature type that is still as divisive today as it was in 1997, so much so that the very whisper of them causes feelings of either Dread or elation: Slivers.

Sliver Beats

4x Edge of Autumn
3x Metallic Sliver
4x Rancor (It was a common in Urza‘s Legacy, after all)
4x Gemhide Sliver
4x Muscle Sliver
2x Quick Sliver
4x Sinew Sliver
4x Oblivion Ring (Common in Lorwyn and Shards of Alara)
3x Sidewinder Sliver
2x Snake Umbra
4x Vines of Vastwood
2x Ranger’s Guile

6 Plains
4 Selesnya Guildgate
10 Forest

3x Spinneret Sliver
4x Naturalize
3x Fog
2x Ranger’s Guile
3x Ancestral Mask

The plan here is pretty straight forward. Get as many slivers on the board as soon as possible and outrace your opponent’s deck. Remember, every Sinew Sliver or Muscle Sliver, alone, is a “bear”, but in multiples, they get scary big. Snake Umbra provides you with a little extra card draw to refill your hand. Oblivion Ring is here for permanents you can’t otherwise deal with pre-side. Edge of Autumn either provides you with early game color fixing or late game card draw.

The sideboard changes how you want your team to play. Opponent has fliers? Spinneret Sliver has you covered. Lots of artifacts and equipment? Naturalize. Enchantments and/or no enchantment removal? Ancestral Mask. Bounce effects? Have a couple more Ranger’s Guile. Huge, unblockable, Red-Blue Elementals?  Don’t laugh, I’ve seen this on MtGO.  It is a thing.  Three Fogs should hopefully keep you in the clear until you land the O-Ring.

The primary downside to this deck is a lot of these cards can be hard to find at your LGS. However, when M14 comes out, there are all new goodies for this, including Predatory Sliver, Hive Stirrings, and Sentinel Sliver.  Either way you slice the deck, it’s a good primer into both Tribal concepts and throwing progressively larger threats, all while maintaining a low mana curve.

For those interested, here’s a link on TCGPlayer: http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/deck.asp?deck_id=1130759

Next week, we’re going to cover control with mono-blue storm.

Until then, thanks for reading.



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