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My Pics For Top 10 EDH Cards From Theros

MTG Theros LogoI think that it is usually a good idea to have multiple views on the same topic, so I decided to follow up on Wally’s article with my own picks for the top EDH cards out of Theros. I think that it is important for people to understand just how much individuality there is in EDH. It is the one format that I feel a player can complete go his own road and still be competitive, unlike the other formats where paying a great deal of attention to the meta-game is essential. So while I agree with most of Wally’s choices I feel like he left out a few cards, not because he did not see their value, but rather because he has a completely different playing style from me. So here is my take on the topic, and take into account these are really in no particular order:

#10 Bow of Nylea Theros EDH
Whip of Erebos Spear of Heliod Bident of Thassa Hammer of Purphoros Bow of Nylea

I really do not see the need in clogging up a list with each of these, so I am lumping them into one. Each of the God equipments is going to find a niche in EDH. I have a feeling that Whip of Erebos is going to wreck people with bouncing in creatures with ‘enters the battlefield’ abilities. Being able to get efficiency and value out of every card is paramount in EDH, and having the ability to keep bringing creatures back is a black regularity. Spear of Heliod is going to help bolster all white decks and could even turn the tide for token decks.  Bident of Thassa is just flat out crazy good for EDH. Card draw is so crucial and this card makes it very easy to start running through your deck. Pair bident with Arcanis The Omnipotent and you are looking at 4 cards a turn. I see Hammer of Purphoros fitting perfectly with Golem Foundry and accelerating the formation of bug dumb Golems. I am beyond excited about throwing a copy of Bow of Nylea into my Elf Ball deck. This card is so very versatile it is nearly broken.

#9 Artisan of Forms

If it wasn’t for the recent change to the legendary rule this card would not make the list, but now with the new changes I feel like this is going to be a bomb for blue schemes. Being able to change it at instant is going to cause some major mayhem for players. Oh you played your commander, thanks now I have one too. Oh you ramped into a big dumb creature look at me having it too. This card has tons of options, and I have a feeling will be getting a lot of play at EDH FNM soon. Talk about the ultimate combat trick, someone is going to get hit in the face a lot with a threat that was not there before.

Ember Swallower in Commander EDH

#8 Ember Swallower

I absolutely despise playing against land destruction decks in EDH, and I already know ill being facing this one down soon in my local play group. Play, Monstrous, Blink, Monstrous, Blink, Monstrous, and so on. This card is going to be a staple in land destruction, but I can also see it being played as a disrupter in deck with red. It has great value, good stats, and a wonderful ability.

#7 Gift of Immortality

ANNOYING. That is what this card is going to be. Recycle the creature and the enchantment over and over again. Re-usability is king in EDH, and this card is going to take that to an entirely different level. I am waiting for the Restoration Angel shenanigans to happen in my local group thanks to this card. I think that this will get used a lot in BW decks as an added blink affect, but also to keep important creatures around that normally get burned fairly regularly.

#6 Sea God’s Revenge

If it wasn’t annoying to have to play against Cyclonic Rift alone adding this card to blue’s arsenal of “how about nope” is just plain crazy. Against combo engines this is going to create massive disruption, against creature decks this is going to put your opponent several turns behind, and as an added bonus you get to scry. So much value out of one card is paramount to blue, and this card does it on an extraordinary level.
Xenagos, The Reveler Planeswalker EDH

#5 Xenagos, The Reveler

Gruul and Jund got handed a major bomb utility card in this planeswalker. There is just so much that can be done with this card, and so many early plays that it opens up. Turn 2 or 3 him, then play something off of his ability? Yeah this guy is going to get used a lot. Add the possibility of loading up your top 7 cards and you can pretty much give yourself the win.

#4 Ashen Rider

This card is going to hurt, and the minute a blink combo goes off its a win. In standard this card is a threat, but thanks to formatting rules it stays in the realm of being able to deal with it, in EDH though, this card is going to dismantle entire boards one card at a time. Get him and Obzedat,Ghost Council out at the same time and your opponent may very well rage quit.

#3 Prophet of Kruphix

Nope, nope, nope, and a whole lot more nope. This is going to be dumb with ‘insert any simic combo here’. The moment I saw this card I knew it was going to be a mainstay in EDH. Being able to constantly have your entire mana pool open is broken.
Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx Mono Color EDH

#2 Daxos of Meletis

Out of all the legendary creatures in the set I think that you will see this guy become a staple as a commander. He is cheap, has two great abilities, and fits into a scheme that loves to wreck game plans and decks.

#1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Mana, Mana, and more MANA! Cabal Coffers for every color? Why yes I will run one in every EDH from now on. This land is so good it is scary. Mono decks are going to break this, and multicolored decks are going to utilize this to make up for mana problems.

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  1. Great job on the Theros set review. Looks like we have a lot of the same thoughts on this set. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is definitely going to be a house for some of us mono-colored folk and, as you stated, even some multi-colored decks.

    Totally agree with you that Daxos of Meletis will become a popular general. I am thinking he could be put in a voltron build or maybe some sort of control deck where is more of a role-player.

    Bow of Nylea. Can’t believe I missed this in my Top 10 article. I have already put a copy of this in my Sliver Overlord deck and reserved a copy for my mono green that I am building. The weapons all have their niche decks where they can shine, that’s for sure.

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