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Multiplayer Madness 32 – To Assemble a Legion

Welcome back to Multiplayer Madness, people!

You probably all know the situation: A new set is released and there is one card that absolutely fascinates you. You want to shove it into every deck you have and you want to build new decks around it although you cannot say yet whether the card is actually any good or not. But for a reason you do not understand, it never happens. The card just keeps sitting in your binder, smiling at you, making you think to yourself: “Yeah, I really need to play this.” But somehow, you never do.

For me, one of those cards is Assemble the Legion, and today I’m going to rectify that. I’m going to build a deck that includes this cool enchantment as the main win condition.

Where to Start

Assemble the Legion MTG DeckFirst of all, we need to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. This point is easy – if your opponents leave it alone, it will win you the game. Assemble the Legion provides inevitability like few other cards do. Even mass removal like Day of Judgment only manages to stop it for a short while as it will just keep producing even more tokens next turn. On the flip side, it is slow at first. Like reeeeeeeeally slow. Especially in multiplayer Magic, you need a few turns for it to do its thing. This means you have two options: either protect yourself until Assemble the Legion has created so many tokens that you can swarm the table, or speed up the token production. Since the soldier tokens actually help you stabilize your board, let’s go with the second option. “Boring,” you may think now, “he’s going to add green for Parallel Lives and Doubling Season.”

Well, no. Instead, I’ll turn to another old favorite of mine, although one that was never relegated to the sidelines because its effect is so unique that I had to build decks around it: Paradox Haze. Because Assemble the Legion triggers at the beginning of your upkeep, getting another upkeep gives you two Legion triggers per turn. Or three if you cast a second Paradox Haze. All of a sudden, Assemble the Legion spits out tokens like crazy! Still, most opponents will have a few blockers at the ready so it will take a little while before you can start taking them out. Uhm, you know what? Why not speed that up as well? Enter Teleportal to render all their blockers ineffective and double our damage output by overloading it. Now we need only ten soldiers to kill a player who is still at twenty life. And since all the tokens have haste, that’s only two turns we need after we landed Assemble the Legion. Basically, this is what we’ll want to happen:

Turn 3 or 4: Paradox Haze
Turn 5: Assemble the Legion
Turn 6: Get one token on your first upkeep and two on the second.
Turn 7: Get three tokens on your first upkeep and four on the second. You now have a total of ten soldier tokens. Cast Teleportal with overload to give all of them +1/+0 and make them unblockable. Go and kill a player (or more if they are low on life).

This will be even better if you draw another Paradox Haze before turn 7.

How to Survive

Okay, we’ve established our route to victory. Now we need to make sure that we don’t die before we can win, so let’s just combine both of the afore-mentioned options and include heavy defensive measures as well. Since most multiplayer matches are decided by creatures as win conditions and because Assemble the Legion doesn’t really care about mass removal, we are going to add a full playset of Wrath of God. It isn’t as pricey as it used to be but if it’s still outside your budget, just take Day of Judgment instead. The “no regeneration” clause normally doesn’t come up all that often. And since we really don’t want to be attacked, let’s add two copies of Rout as well as it also allows for cute tricks with Assemble the Legion. Just cast it for seven mana at the end of the turn prior to your own turn and attack someone with the hasty tokens as they won’t have any blockers left thanks to Rout. Neat!

Hm, since we’re already playing Paradox Haze, why don’t we make use of it a little bit more? Say hello to Chronomantic Escape! And who is that? Angel of Flight Alabaster who brought her friend Crib Swap? Paradox Haze loves those two! You can return a Crib Swap from your graveyard to your hand during your first upkeep, immediately cast it, and do the same thing during the following upkeeps for as long as you have the mana for it. And since we are still a little light on early plays, let’s throw in Nyx-Fleece Ram as a big blocker that also provides us with a few points of life, and Court Hussar for some much needed card draw/selection. And last but not least, a couple of Counterspells to prevent really evil things from happening, like someone Disenchanting our enchantments or casting silly “I win” cards like Coalition Victory.

Whew! If anything manages to get at us through THIS defense, they deserve the win!
Some people might think I’m going a little overboard here, and normally, I’d actually agree with them. However, Assemble the Legion is our only win condition and we need to make sure that we stay alive until it hands us the game. So I’d much rather include too much defense instead of too little.

The Deck

And here it is in all its glory:

Blablabla Comments Blablabla

Alright, that’s it for now. Did you like the deck? Do you have any suggestions about improving it? Have you built your own decks around Assemble the Legion? If so, what do they look like? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time then!




  1. Another great read! I don’t know how you do it, but I want to build and play every multiplayer deck you write an article about. Needless to say the Assemble the Legion that is sitting in my binder wishes it could be lucky enough to play in a deck like this. lol.

    Also… thank you for introducing me to Chronomantic Escape, I didn’t know that card existed.

    Let us know how it goes with the Legion! Once again, the synergy is the utmost-Johnny. I dig it!

    1. Thanks, Wally! I’m doing my best… 😉

      Chronomantic Escape has saved my bacon quite a few times already. I like it a lot as people keep forgetting it comes back and even play it in some of my Commander decks where I can’t get additional upkeeps.

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