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Multiplayer Madness 24 – A Storm of Possibilities

Hello, hello!

Welcome back to Multiplayer Madness! After three articles on Magic Origins, it’s finally time for some cool new decks, don’t you think? So today, I’ll show you a fun multiplayer deck that focuses on one of the weirdest enchantments we’ve ever seen: Possibility Storm.

Uncontrolled Chaos

MTG Possibility Storm Deck

As soon as Possibility Storm hits the table, normal gameplay goes out of the window and every attempt at establishing order is bound to fail. You see, the card basically protects itself as every Disenchant, every Acidic Slime, every Akroma’s Vengeance your opponents cast to get rid of Possibility Storm becomes something else – and in most cases, it’s going to be something that can’t do sh*t against it. Just don’t cast Possibility Storm if the solution is already on the battlefield, like Caustic Caterpillar or Nevinyrral’s Disk, as it doesn’t stop players from activating abilities.

So, what exactly does Possibility Storm do? Basically, whenever someone casts a spell from their hand, it replaces this spell with another one that shares a type with it. So unless that player can respond to the trigger by changing the top cards of their library, they’ll never know which spell is actually going to resolve. And seriously, getting a lowly Llanowar Elves when you wanted to cast a Pelakka Wurm is probably extreeemely annoying. Then again, getting a Pelakka Wurm out of a one mana Llanowar Elves feels pretty good, so it can go both ways.

How Do We Win?

For this deck, I’ve chosen to go the creature way and try to cheat huge fatties onto the battlefield. We’ll start with a card I was really excited about when it was spoiled: Dragonlord Kolaghan. Not only does she provide your whole army with haste, she can also dish out large amounts of damage! The problem is that her triggered ability actually never triggers because the other players just don’t have to cast spells that are already in their graveyard. And this is where Possibility Storm comes in. Since nobody usually knows what they’ll get, the possibility (Ha!) that they hit something that rewards them with 10 damage to the dome rises continuously the longer the game goes. Since Kolaghan is a legend, we don’t want a full playset, but because we’d like to see her as often as possible, three is the number of choice here.

Next up is good old Darksteel Colossus. It will be the only artifact creature in the deck but is a really strong addition because of another really helpful card I’ll talk about below. Indestructibility is still powerful, and an 11/11 trampler is nothing to sneeze at in any case. Oh, and when it does die somehow, it gets reshuffled into your library for another go with Possibility Storm. Cool! I’ll include a full playset.

And then there is Charnelhoard Wurm. Huh? How is that going to win us the game? Well, let’s take a look at the supporting cast, shall we?

How Do We Survive Until We Win?

Chandra's Ignition with Deathtouch!

We need to be able to survive until we can land Possibility Storm, and then we need to be able to get our big beaters, so the way to go is defensive creatures that can hold the fort but also won’t be useless if they are the result of a Possibility Storm trigger. Luckily for us, there are a couple of cheap monsters with deathtouch that do so. Thornweald Archer and Deadly Recluse are exactly what we’re looking for as they can provide defense during all stages of the game.

Another great deathtouch dude is Acidic Slime who has the added benefit of being able to take out preoblematic permanents that might give you fits. Mobilization? Gone. Tower of Eons? Gone. Vault of the Archangel? You get the picture.
And it just so happens that they all work really well with the new Chandra’s Ignition as our own WallyD. so astutely pointed out in his article about his top 10 cards from Magic Origins (Go on and read it! As usual, it’s a highly entertaining piece of work that gives you a lot of insight into the cards he picked.). You see, Chandra’s Ignition explicitly states that target creature you control deals the damage, not the Ignition itself. And if this creature has deathtouch, it’ll kill everything without protection from creatures, from the target creature’s color, or that isn’t indestructible. Sweet!

But it gets even better. How about throwing a single Scythe of the Wretched into the mix? Chandra’s Ignition plus deathtouch dude equipped with Scythe of the Wretched means you’ll end up with all the creatures! Super sweet!

And do you remember the Charnelhoard Wurm I mentioned above? Turns out he also likes Chandra’s Ignition quite a lot. In this case, when you choose the wurm as the creature that deals the damage, its ability will trigger so that you can just return Chandra’s Ignition to your hand and do the same thing again for as long as you have the required mana. Or just wait until next turn if nobody manages to kill your wurm. Since this plan is quite powerful and we don’t want it to get interrupted by Possibility Storm, Chandra’s Ignition is going to be the only sorcery in the deck so that you’ll always end up casting it even if Possibility Storm is on the battlefield.

How Do We Get There?

A little mana development can go a long way, and the right girl to help us out here is Yavimaya Dryad. Since she searches for Forests but not necessarily basic ones, she can find both Stomping Ground and Overgrown Tomb. And if your opponents are low on life, she can actually punch through the last few points of damage by giving them the Forest and becoming unblockable this way.

Well, and now to the most expensive card in the deck. What the fuck is going on with Sensei’s Divining Top‘s price tag? Jesus! Be that as it may, it is sooo important for this deck. First of all, it let’s you play around with the top of your library a bit which is really helpful since you’ll never want to draw your really expensive threats. Seriously, is there any worse place for a Darksteel Colossus than your hand? And secondly, please consider its implications in the interaction with Possibility Storm. You can more or less guarantee to reveal something that will definitely help you out. And as if that isn’t enough already, you can cast it early in the game, and then, after you’ve successfully cast a Possibility Storm, you can put it on top your library to draw it next turn and get a freaking Darksteel Colossus! Yes, you might just end up pulling another Top instead, but so what? Just try it again! It’s not as if the mana is too expensive. This is actually the reason why we don’t play more artifacts; we want to hit the colossus as reliably as possible.

The Top is supported by a rather high number of the scry lands from Theros block. Although they enter the battlefield tapped, their card selection is always welcome, especially in the early stages of a game and after you have landed a Possibility Storm.

The Deck in Super Amazing Overview Form

Alternative Cards

A card that’s really cool with Possibility Storm is Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. Why? Because he triggers twice whenever a player casts a noncreature spell if you control a Possibility Storm. First for the normal spell, then a second time for the spell that gets searched up by Possibility Storm. A lot of people will miss this and accidentally kill themselves. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit into my Charnelhoard Wurm / Chandra’s Ignition plan, so he stays out of the deck for now.

Another way to go would be Mishra, Artificer Prodigy. You can stack the triggers in such a way that Possibility Storm puts the card you attempt to cast back into your library just for Mishra to find it immediately so that you get two cards out of it. Nice!


Okay, people, that was it for today! I hope you like the deck; it’s a blast to play!

Until next time!




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  1. Loving the rep for Possibility Storm! My personal choice on this sort of deck would probably either strictly R/G or R/U. I understand that the black is useful if we are trying to use that cool interaction between Ignition and the Wurm, but by red and green themselves (and even in colorless — Mirrodin Colossi do work) we don’t have to fangle around with as much mana fixing. U/R would probably get my vote just so that we could play more top-of-the-deck manipulation, and (post-Storm slamming) then using excess Tops and things like Preordain/Ponder to find stupid things like the aforementioned Colossi, Wurmcoil Engine, and then the real fun — 4-of Time Stretch. Further resiliency that blue could provide is dig/loot effects (followed by targeted recycle effects), countermagic, and shuffle-back-in-from-hand effects (Lat-Nam’s Legacy has been my choice for a while).

    Just some ideas off from the top of my head. Good read! Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, cailtis!

      Well, it’s actually no problem to build a really strong Possibility Storm deck if you really want to go over the top (see the 4 Time Stretches you mentioned). And in this case, I agree that blue is clearly the way to go. Do you have a list of your deck per chance? I’d love to see it!

      Be that as it may, Dragonlord Kolaghan‘s 10 damage ability was the reason why I built the deck in the first place. I wanted to somehow trigger that ability and was looking for cards to help me out when I came across Possibility Storm. And since my playgroup has been devoid of any chaotic decks for the last few months, I thought: “That could be fun!” And it is. 😉

      1. Just out of curiosity, with Dragonlord Kolaghan on the field, I’m thinking that opponents would choose the “may” ability of Possibility Storm to not take the damage? Am I reading that right? Either way, the effect is still fantastic, when an opponent casts a spell with Kolaghan and Storm on the field they either take 10 damage or get nothing at all! Brilliant. 🙂

        1. “May” may actually be the sneakiest word on Magic cards ever. Otherwise, there is just no reason why I miss it so often… Damn!

          Just don’t tell anybody about it or they’ll never get 10 to the dome…

          1. lol. Gets me every time too. Your secret is safe with me!

    2. “and the real fun —Time Stretch” lol Cailtis, That makes me wanna scoop! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Ignition shout out!

    I have to say, you are definitely one of my favorite deckbuilders Kuchisama. I always look forward to the synergy you bring to the table. This article makes me wanna play this deck and I don’t even play 60 card. 🙂

    When you were mentioning Sensei’s Top, I was actually thinking Scroll Rack for manipulation and putting the cards from hand back on top of the library. However, it definitely makes more sense with Top… to cast, do it again if you have to with Storm on the field.

    Great article sir! Well done!

    1. Scroll Rack is actually a very neat idea for when you’ve drawn things you’d rather have on top of your library, especially with a Possibility Storm trigger on the stack. I like the suggestion! It has the disadvantage of perhaps not getting a Darksteel Colossus with the top, though.

      Well, what can I say? Thanks for the hymn of praise!

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