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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander – Academy Rector

Hey all, welcome to the first edition of my new article series! Today begins a journey to prepare us for our EDH future. While we won’t get into the political debate of our support or despise of the Wizards Reserved List Policy, we will discuss Reserved List cards and how to get our hands on them! By the time our journey ends, we should have in our possession approximately 80-90% of the reserved list.

Why are we “investing” into reserve list cards? While it is not impossible that Wizards will abolish the reserved list, it is highly unlikely. Due to this fact, there have been quite a few times over the past year or so where reserved list cards have monetarily spiked and now bear a ridiculous price tag. So, by collecting as many reserved list cards as we can, we can ensure that we have at least one copy of a card should we require one in future deck building. There is a level of comfort when we see a “buyout” of a card knowing that we already have a copy safe and sound in our collection.

Here are the rules for this collection exercise.

1) $1.00 a day. Our monthly budget will be $30. That is the equivalent of $1.00 a day. Most players would spend way more than that on daily habits such as nicotine sticks, fast food, or buying a daily latte, cappuccino, sugar coffee thingy at Starbucks.
2) Condition of the cards will not be too important since we are simply wanting a single copy of each card so that we can play it in our EDH decks. That is the main reason for wanting the reserve list abolished right? So we can play with the cards? Very well then, condition will be nearly irrelevant.
3) We will be theoretically purchasing cards at the lowest price on TCGPlayer.com as indicated by the term “TCG Low”. We will round prices up to the nearest dollar for ease of balancing our budget
4) We will target at least one card every month that is highly playable. There is a lot of cannon-fodder on the reserve list. We want to get cards that could see a buyout at anytime and can be viable in our Commander decks.
5) In December, we will celebrate the holidays by at least adding $50 to our $30 budget. We should ask our friends and family for holiday gift cards or simply treat ourselves to $50 in solid EDH investments. We deserve it!
6) Shipping and Handling will not be calculated. We are rounding up our dollar amounts and most shipping is either free or minute.
7) Occasionally we will “piggy bank” some of our funds. ie: float a few dollars over to the next month so we can purchase some of the more expensive cards on the reserve list.

Hope you like the exercise and follow along. I will publish a new article every month. Let’s do this!

What to Buy on the Reserve List

Impulse for EDH CommanderAcademy Rector: I’m sure that if you have been playing Commander long enough you have seen epic moments brought to you by Academy Rector. Quite simply, if Academy Rector goes to the graveyard we get to search our library for ANY Enchantment card and put it onto the battlefield. Commander decks running the Rector should have a couple of sacrifice outlets on hand as she is most powerful when we get to send her to the graveyard under our own conditions. Cards like Ashnod’s Altar and High Market will definitely get the job done and at instant speed. Our wise ol’ grandma does have a vulnerable side, however, as exile or tuck, will foil our plans. Academy Rector also performs well as a rattlesnake card, meaning, opponents will not want to attack us for fear we may block and use the Rector’s ability.

Whether it’s a game-breaker like Omniscience, a juiced aura Eldrazi Conscription or a game winner like Test of Endurance, this classic rare from Urza’s Destiny allows for tide shifting moments or moving into check-mate by fetching the last piece of a combo. What a great card to snag as our very first Reserved List investment!

At the time of this article, Academy Rector is $15.79 TCG Low. Our Price: $16

Treachery: One of the very first cards ever printed in the game of Magic the Gathering™ was Control Magic. This blue enchantment allowed us to steal an opponent’s creature and keep it for as long as Control Magic was enchanting it. Six years after the Alpha set was released, the developers at Wizards of the Coast brought out the newest version of Control Magic, Treachery. Treachery costs one more mana than it’s predecessor for the same effect, however, when it comes into play we get to untap up to 5 lands. Unless Treachery is countered or it’s target removed, this equates to the equivalent of a “free spell”. Stealing a creature is a powerful effect, but with Treachery, we have a high percentage chance of recovering our mana resources so we can cast other spells or protect our board with permission spells.

Hooray! We now have one of the most powerful blue steal effects of all time! Stealing an opponent’s creature, or better yet their Commander, and using it against him or her can be back breaking and down right demoralizing. Oh, and did you notice that we can use Academy Rector to get Treachery out of our library and cheat it into play? Float some mana and enjoy the synergy with our new card!

At the time of this article, Treachery is $10.44 TCG LOW. Our Price: $11.

Opalescence: Our third purchase of the month is Opalescence. While this card may be a bit confusing at times, it can be a high risk/high reward option in Enchantment EDH builds. Let’s just slide this reserve list game piece into our binder and keep it in mind if we ever feel like building a deck that will allow us to swing into the red zone with an 8/8 Decree of Silence. Something like that.

At the time of this article, Opalescence is $1.89 TCG LOW. Our Price: $2.

So there you have it. Three cards I highly recommend and we are on our way to acquiring those Reserved List treasures so that we will always have them available when building our Commander decks! TOTAL COST of our Reserved List pickups is $29. Since we have a $1 left over, let’s put that in our piggy bank and start fresh with a $31 budget in August, shall we?

Hope you enjoyed this exercise, see you in August!

On to the next!

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