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MTG Madness Interviews Grand Prix Paris 2014

Magic the Gathering’s™ Grand Prix took place in Paris, France over Valentine’s Day Weekend February 14th – 16th 2014. Check out video coverage from this Legacy Grand Prix as MTG Madness takes Legacy decks Esper Stoneblade, Elves, BUG Delver, Reanimator and more!

Congratulations to MTG Madness member Loic Le Briand of France for finishing 3rd at the Grand Prix 2014 with his Legacy Reanimator deck!

Valentine’s in Grand Prix Paris

Magic players are known to be so romantic that even the game’s creator proposed using a card.
MTGMadness’ team members show that they are not only as romantic, but also quite MAD!

Day 1 Grand Prix Paris – Legacy

Grand Prix Paris is underway! Watch MTG Madness battle it out all weekend long in the super exciting Legacy format.

Day 1 End MTG Legacy Grand Prix

Day 1 is in the books!
See how MTG Madness did at the end of this very long day.

Here are the results of Team MTG Madness after the first day:

Deltour Louis 7-1-1
Pierre Dagen 7-2
Max Schultze 7-2
Bernhard Lehner 7-2
Carsten Linden 7-2
Benjamin Leitner 7-2
Michael Bonde 7-2
Immanuel Gerschenson 7-2
Jan Van Der Vegt 7-2
Alexandre Darras 7-2

Day 2 MTG Madness Interviews Grand Prix Paris

End of Day 2 Grand Prix Paris

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