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MTG Madness Grand Prix Vienna 2014 – Jeremy Dezani Sealed Decklist

March 21st – 23rd spotlighted Magic the Gathering’s™ Grand Prix in Vienna, Austria with 1,208 participants. This Grand Prix was a Theros/Born of the Gods Sealed event that saw MTG Madness star Jérémy Dezani smash through opponents to an undefeated 9-0 Day 1 and claim a 2nd Place finish at Grand Prix Vienna.

Jérémy played a Jund Sealed deck led by the best card in his deck, Stormbreath Dragon. His Day two drafts resulted in a 1-2 Performance with Blue/Green followed by a 2-0-1 finish with Blue/Black. Here is Jeremy’s Jund Sealed Deck:

Booster War!

Catch Team MTG Madness guys goofing around with a Booster competition before the start of the Grand Prix. Mark Litvak versus Immanuel Gerschenson!

Day 1 MTG Sealed Grand Prix Vienna

MTG Interviews including an introduction to Team MTG Madness Italia!

End of Day One – Jeremy Dezani finished at 9-0! Video includes interview with Jeremy and his undefeated Jund build. Other great Day one finishes included: Patrick Dickman at 8-1, and at 7-2 Samuele Estratti, Michael Bonde, Bernhard, Lener, Iris Schwarz, Thomas Holzinger and Mark Noorlander.

Day 2 Booster Drafts!

MTG Madness Interviews with Day 2 qualifiers. Plus, Patrick Dickman is humbled after showing up late for Day 2 of the Grand Prix. Patrick explains the consequences in the video below.

End of Day 2 Grand Prix Vienna

Final results and interviews with Team MTG Madness at Grand Prix Barcelona 2014! Congratulations to Jérémy Dezani and his 2nd place finish!

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