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MTG Madness – Grand Prix Manchester 2014 – Theros Block

May 30th – June 1st, 2014 spotlighted Magic the Gathering’s™ Grand Prix in Manchester, England with 1,403 participants. This Grand Prix was a Theros Block Constructed event that featured deck archetypes such as BUG Control, Naya Midrange, Junk Constellation and Mono Black Aggro.

MTG Madness team member Valentin Mackl of Austria followed up his undefeated 9-0 Day 1 with a Top 8, 3rd Place finish at Grand Prix Manchester. Teammate, Marcio Carvalho of Portugal also made a Top 8 appearance and finished the event in 7th place. Let’s take a look at their Theros Block Constructed Decks!

Here is Valentin Mackl’s 4th Place Theros Block Constructed Deck:

MTG Madness teammate, Marcio Carvalho finished Top 8 and 7th Place
Here is his Theros Block Constructed Decklist:

Love for Madness!

Tons of love in Manchester for MTG Madness! Interview with guys and gals as they give short interviews on MTG Madness and their favorite MTG Players.

Day 1 MTG Grand Prix Manchester

MTG Madness checking in after four rounds… Also, a hilarious shirt change by Richie Lopez featuring a Cubs Hat and an interesting “mustache”.

End of Day One – Valentin Mackl finishes the day at 9-0! Also qualifying for day two are Daniel Anoniou and Samuele Estratti at 8-1, Thomas Enevoldsen at 7-1-1, and at 7-2 is Wenzel Krautmann, Bernhard Lehner and Patrick Dickmann. Good luck on Day 2 Manchester!

Day 2 MTG Grand Prix Manchester

Team MTG Madness begin Day Two with their sites set on making Top 8!

End of Day 2 Grand Prix Manchester

Final results and interviews with Team MTG Madness at Grand Prix Manchester 2014! Congratulations to Valentin Mackl on his Top 8, 4th place finish and Marcio Carvalho on his Top 8, 7th Place finish!

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