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Dark Obliterator – Legacy Mono Black Aggro


Legacy Mono Black Aggro

Dark Obliterator

I noticed a few months ago that Indianapolis would play host to a Grand Prix event in March 2012. I have never been to an official Magic the Gathering™ tournament, so I have to say I am quite excited at the opportunity to be in this atmosphere. The format for Grand Prix Indianapolis is Legacy, so the daunting task presented to me is to create a legacy deck that I will take with me to this event.

After browsing current Tier 1 Legacy decks I decided that I would try to find a deck that was lower tier and a bit more obscure. Seeing that Legacy usually requires at least 4 of the original Dual Lands that cost about $80 – $130 a piece, I decided to go with a mono color. Blue was out, because I didn’t want to lay out the cash for 4 Force of Will and I have never been a fan of Burn. So, I settled on a discard deck – classic mono black aggro / discard it is.

The deck below I call Dark Obliterator and is based around old school cards that are nostalgic to me such as Dark Ritual and Hymn to Tourach along with some new cards that are quickly becoming my new favorites – ala Phyrexian Obliterator. This deck has gone through some revisions, but now with the release of Dark Ascension’s Geralf’s Messenger I believe this deck is finally complete.

Is Dark Obliterator going to win the Magic Grand Prix in Indianpolis 2012?  Probably not, but I am a casual player and truthfully, this decklist is simple fun.  Win or lose, I’m going to Indi with a home-brewed version of a classic decktype.


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