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MTG Madness – Grand Prix Barcelona Team Sealed

February 28th – March 2nd spotlighted Magic the Gathering’s™ Grand Prix in Barcelona Spain. This much anticipated Grand Prix featured Theros/Born of the Gods Teamed Sealed event. Check out video coverage from this Limited Event Grand Prix as MTG Madness breaks into three person teams for limited glory!

Introduction to MTG Madness Three Player Teams

Play as a Team, Win as a Team! Follow host Niv Danieli through an introduction of MTG Madness Three Player Teams at Grand Prix Barcelona.

Day 1 MTG Limited Grand Prix

#GPBACON. Checking out the cast of cool cats at Grand Prix Barcelona and catching up with MTG Madness on their team events! The team of Jeremy Dezani, Melissa Detora, and Raphael Levy begin the day at 3-0!

Four MTG Madness teams finish the day at 7-2!

Day 2 MTG Madness Limited Deck Tech Barcelona

Join MTG Madness Team Revolution and their introduction to their Top 8 decks! Jeremy Dezani outlines his Boros Aggro strategy, Melissa Detora takes us through her 4-1 Blue Black control deck with a lot of removal. Finally, Raphael Levy presents his Blue/Green deck with big creatures and combat tricks that helped him achieve 4-1 status.

End of Day 2 Grand Prix Paris

Final results and interviews with Team MTG Madness at Grand Prix Barcelona 2014!

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