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It does what? Vol. II

EDH Deck Tech - Cauldron of SoulsToday’s card is one that I love playing early and then just letting it chill. If your EDH meta is anything like mine wrath gets played alllllllll of the time. You finally get your board set up and then someone plays wrath and just smiles, knowing they have thrown a wrench into your plans. Few things give more pleasure in MTG than being able to say hows about nope. That is where this beauty comes into play… Cauldron of Souls. Oh you want to destroy everything… welllll I am going to give all of my creatures persist and then I am swinging at you! If you can’t tell I really enjoy screwing up game plans. The other really great thing about this card is the political options. I have used this in games to save an opponents board and secure a fragile alliance.

This card is great on its own but if you have access to green Melira, Sylvok Outcast turns this into a nightmare to deal with. Constant recursion is just borken in EDH.

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