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YOUR DECK may be featured in a future article on MTGCasualPlay.com!

All Submissions will be reviewed. We will hand-pick well answered form submissions and SPOTLIGHT the deck on MTGCasualPlay.com
in a NEW Article Series. Deck Interviews that make it on MTGCasualPlay.com will also have an active link here on MagicEDH.com

Submit as many decks as you like! Thank you! Thank You!

Oh, one more thing. No need to fill out EVERY text box in the form below. But, we will be looking for the best described submissions to highlight in our article series. Have fun!

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It would be cool to have a picture of you or your deck in the article. Please paste the URL of the picture here or where we can find it. In most browsers this is done by RIGHT CLICK - COPY IMAGE URL

Please answer in YEARS or the YEAR you originally built it

Can Play both 1v1 or MultiPlayer

French / Duel
Custom - House Rules

Casual - Budget

Good Stuff
Alternate Win
Group Hug

Simple. I could lend it to beginners
Average. Anyone with a grasp on MTG could pilot this deck
Difficult. It's gonna take some time to learn how to play it correctly
Nearly Impossible. It's my deck and I mess things up

Yes. Without the Commander, this deck struggles
Somewhat. It works better having access to my Commander, but I can still be relevant in a game without him/her
Not Really. My deck runs fine without my commander, although, He/She does come in handy from time to time.
Nope. Not at all. I chose the commander simply for the colors.

Is cool with it. It matches everyone else's power level
Switch to their more powerful deck
Underestimates your deck. Or, realizes it is not as much of a threat as other Commanders at the table
Groans. They hate this deck
Immediately turn their guns towards you.
Realize they are in for a whoopin'.

Thank you! Please remember that submitted information may be presented in a future article on MTGCasualPlay.com!

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