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Modern Elf Warrior

I took a break from EDH for a little while, and started playing around with the modern format. Pod and Tron are really strong but, to me at least, kind of sucked the fun out of my local play group. So I began looking at what I had laying around and realized I have a ton of tribals just waiting to be built. In the course of building a modern Vamps deck I ended back up in EDH land building a BR Olivia deck (which I will post later). So my next attempt at a 60 card deck was elves. I love playing with elves I have built and ran an Ezuri elfball in the past so it was not that hard to start thinking about how I would want to play them in a 60 card format. What I came up with is bellow:


There are alot of crazy directions that you can take Elves, but I decided to try and keep it fun and go with the warrior tribal. I really like winning by combat damage and ramping into tons of creatures then dropping a Craterhoof Behemoth is just too much fun not to do. If I take this to FNM or a Modern event I would adjust for an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and more card draw.

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