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EDH Zombie Horde Card Rulings

Zombie Horde Decklist

To review a 100 card decklist for the Zombie Horde, please follow one of these links:

Zombie Apocalypse – Zombie Horde Deck for 4 Expert Level EDH Survivors

Card Rulings vs the Zombie Horde Deck

Below is a list of rulings that our Magic EDH Group, MTG League of Casual Play, have decided on when we face the Zombie Horde. We will continue to add cards to this article as we encounter conflicts or situations that we need to establish a ruling for. Feel free to comment on these rulings or contact us if you have any questions.

Smallpox: Since Zombies are already dead, hence being undead, or living dead, we have decided that Smallpox will only affect the Survivors and not the Horde. Zombies should be immune to disease.

Pox: The same as above. Zombies are immune to disease, so Pox will only effect the Survivors.


Our House rules for Flashback cards state that they are re-cast during the Zombie Horde’s next Main phase. This is in addition to the horde’s normal turn of flipping cards. For example Army of the Damned cast during the Horde’s turn would put 13 zombie tokens into play. During it’s next main phase, the Flashback ability would put another 13 zombie tokens into play (Since the Horde has infinite mana). If the Survivors attacked and Army of the Damned was milled into the horde’s graveyard, then on their turn, 13 Zombies would enter play using the flashback ability in addition to their normal main phase.

Cards that Dominate the Horde

Blinding Angel: Yes, this card will keep the Zombies from attacking.

Phytohydra + Pariah: This combination proves deadly to the Zombie Horde as no blockers are assigned to the zombies and Pariah redirects all damage to the Phytohydra. Results of this combo create an enormously huge Phytohydra within a couple of turns.

Angelic Arbiter: Another unfortunate card for the Zombie Horde. Since each card flipped over from the Zombie Horde deck is considered a spell, Angelic Arbiter keeps the Horde from attacking. End result is a massive stockpiling of zombies waiting for a Plague Wind to hit and then overwhelm the Survivors with their massive undead army.

Blazing Archon: If playing by the standard Horde deck rules where all players share a life total and “fight as one” then, yes, Blazing Archon will keep the Undead Horde from attacking. However, if playing by a variant where each survivor is their own entity, then only that player cannot be attacked. The Zombies may feast on the other members of the survivor party.

Cards that wreak havoc on the Zombie Commander

Oblation: Every day I’m shufflin’. Yep, LMFAO, shuffle the Zombie Commander into the Horde Library.


  1. Hm, Horde Magic…
    We’ve tried it a few times and were not impressed. The main problem was that the Horde is just so extremely stupid. Granted, that’s on theme with the Zombie trope, but all in all it always felt kind of lackluster.
    What certainly helps is giving each player their own life total. Also, certain cards should be banned outright (I’m looking at you, Elesh Norn!) as they singlehandedly destroy the Horde unless something really improbable happens.
    At the moment, I’m considering preconstructing decks for the players to use, with each deck having its very own strengths and weaknesses. It’s just very time-consuming, so I’m not really getting anywhere so far…

    1. Hey my friend, hope all is well! Interesting take on this subject. We haven’t played against the horde for a while, but I did retool it. I even included a copy of Raving Dead from the Commander 2014 precon (evil laugh). But regardless, up until this point our battles against the horde have been lopsided. Either we smoke the horde, or the horde smokes us. Not a lot of in between good battles. Another no-no in terms of leveling the playing field is counterspells. Watching the horde flip zombies and then countering their only spell per turn takes a bit of fun out of it.

      Here is our Zombie Horde Magic Decklist if you want to take a look at what we are running.

      Anyway. Keep me updated on your experiment. I think I am going to get a video recording of my playgroup versus the horde in our next EDH night. If we do, I will send you a link!

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