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A Losing Day Drafting Modern Masters

Wally D. here with my Modern Masters Booster Draft Report! Let’s start off by stating, if you are looking for tricks and strategy to improve your drafting and/or win percentage with Modern Masters, then this is definitely NOT the article for you, lol :). Remember, I am a casual player, not a professional, so even though my lack of success this past weekend was disheartening, I still chose to include a quick article about it on MTGCasualPlay.com.

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At the beginning of the year I had Star City Games St. Louis circled on my calendar and had fully intended on spending a day with good friends just east of the Missouri Arch. However, since I don’t play Standard and do not have a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 Legacy deck, I altered my plans when I found out that Gryfalia’s Aerie, a local game shop in Bloomington, IL, would be hosting all day single elimination booster drafts starting at 10am. At $30 per event, I planned on playing 2 booster drafts before calling it a day. The Aerie held 8 man pod sign up sheets and once one was filled the draft began. I ended up playing in Pod 5 and 10. Here are my overall thoughts on the day:

DRAFT 1 – Pod 5

The 40 minute drive was well worth the trip as I opened a Dark Confidant in my first trio of booster packs. Soon after the draft I shopped the Confidant around and received a Zendikar fetch land a couple of shock lands. I was a bit distracted in Round 1 and chose to pick cards that bettered my Magic collection rather than helping my 40 card deck. Nevertheless, I ended up with a solid U/G Simic build in my first draft (Pod 5) that featured a swarm of Faeries amongst other flyers. I also ended up with a playset of Echoing Truth and felt extremely confident with my first build.

My first round opponent dropped, so I didn’t even get to play. Worse yet, the other three first round matchups took an hour and a half. Needless to say, I was quite bored out of my mind and over-eager to play once the 2nd round began. My matchup was spotted with my bad plays such as missing counter abilities during my upkeep and suspending Errant Ephemeron instead of playing him outright. It didn’t help that my opponent had an outstanding B/W Rebel Build that stabilized and took control mid-game. Rathi Trapper locked down my biggest flyer while his Amrou Seekers smacked me for 2 every turn. Another control element that routed my plans was his Blightspeaker and Amrou Scout fetching what seemed like an endless supply of Bound in Silence. I did have a chance to win game 1 if I hadn’t wasted the only Echoing Truth I drew all game. Being able to bounce the Bound in Silence would have freed my flying critters up for the final 8 points of damage.

Game 2 wasn’t as close as he hammered my 4/4 Vedalken Dismisser with Phthisis for the win. Hats off to my opponent for drafting an incredible, Rebel build with tons of Synergy.

I think a different matchup may have been fruitful for a win or two, but my only opponent simply had too many answers. Even though I lost this matchup 0-2, I still feel I put together a competitive build. Some of my best plays included the drawing ability brought forth by Mulldrifter and manipulating combat so that I could cast a Latchkey Faerie for its Prowl cost.

Echoing Faeries Decklist

DRAFT 2 – Pod 10

My second booster draft put me in Pod 10 with a couple of guys I knew/recognized from my local game shop in Peoria. I was quite stoked to open a Cryptic Command in my first booster and a Reveillark in my third. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything to support these cards in Blue or White. What I did see a lot of was something I have never-ever drafted before: Goblins. Heck why not? I took all of the Black and Red Goblins I could find and followed that up with some Red Giant Growths, a Rift Bolt and 2 Phthisis (the card that sealed my fate in game 2 of the previous draft). I wasn’t nearly as impressed with my selections in this round and was quite sure that the immediate future didn’t look too bright for my Rakdos Goblins.

Oh my, where to begin. How about another loss at 0-2. Sheesh. Truth is, even though my playing was sub-par and my draft was terrible, I still had an opportunity to win if I could have drawn a Phthisis either game. My Goblins would come out swinging, but sputter out after the fifth land drop. At that point my opponent gathered bigger creatures, used a few Sudden Shocks to remove mine, and had an endless blocker in Squee, Goblin Nabob.

Here’s the list for my Rakdos Goblins and probably a really good example for you to learn from…. By that I mean, Learn what NOT to draft 🙂

Auntie’s Goblin Parade Decklist

I hope that the sadness of my Modern Masters Limited experience and this article let you “chuckle” a bit on the inside. Feel free to leave any comments or your experiences from your Modern Masters Drafting or Sealed events in the area below. Until next time…

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