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Grand Prix Vienna 2013 – MTG Madness Interviews

November 29th – December 1st, 2013, features a Magic the Gathering™ Grand Prix event in Vienna Austria. Our friends at MTG Madness were on the scene and have provided MTGCasualPlay.com with more videos that I think everyone will enjoy.

The format for Grand Prix Vienna was Standard. Our first video is a simple end of Day 1 interviews with members of MTG Madness that have started the day out at 6-0.

MTG Madness Vienna Day 1 End

  • Jeremy Dezani playing Mono Blue finished the day at 9-0
  • Emanuel Sutor playing Selesnya Aggro finished the day at 8-1
  • Jun Vander Vegt playing Blue/White Elixer finished the day at 7-2
  • Karim Bauer and Michael Bonde also finished the day at 7-2

MTG Madness Vienna Day 2

Interviews continue as X-2 MTG Madness members Marcelo Calvetto and Jeremy Dezani wait for their deciding rounds and whether or not they will make the Top 8 at the Vienna Grand Prix.

MTG Madness Vienna Day 2 End

Michael Bonde conducts the final interview of the day with Top 4 Semi-Finalist Jeremy Dezani. MTG Madness had a strong showing at Grand Prix Vienna having 7 players in the Top 100 out of 1465 Magic the Gathering™ players in this Standard format. Several of the players will be looking forward to Grand Prix Prague in January 2014.

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