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Golgari 2.0 (updated)

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I have always been a huge Golgari fan. I think that it is probably the most dynamic color combination out of both Ravnica blocks, and the one that does not get the love it deserves. On a theoretical level Golgari is concerned with taking life from one thing and giving it back to another. It is the only guild, in my opinion, that truly harnessed the duality of the color conflict it was made to represent. Now that being said Golgari has been plagued by not having a consistent enough stable to choose from in order to be truly competitive, until now. Theros offers up some very key cards for some Golgari-Ooze-Shaman goodness. The problem with most Shaman-Ooze decks is the ability to get targets for both of the cards, and thankfully Theros offers up a wonderful answer to that with Agent of the Fates . This card allows for a lot of removal and easy targets for either Deathrite Shaman or Scavenging Ooze . Combine Agent with Reaper of the Wilds and you have a constant supply of deathtouch and removal.


The thing I really like about this build is that it has the ability to either play at a very fast Aggro style pace, but could also be made to grind out into Mid-Range. The hydras and Reaper could easily hang around into the mid-game and with Ordeals being attached to them could get stupid big. This will probably end up being my go to FNM deck while I get my heroic deck tuned in. While ideal opening hands depend greatly on the deck and opponent you are playing, with this deck I know I will want a mana for each of my colors and a shaman. This will ensure that I can play everything in my deck regardless of what colors I draw from then on, and that I can start causing life loss on turn 2.

Card Breakdown:

Golgari 2.0 Decklist - Deathrite Shaman
Deathrite Shaman is this deck for two purposes: disruption and destruction. I love using this guy for his ability to disrupt graveyard strategies, and his ability to wrack up damage quickly. Using him in conjunction with the sacking and deathtouch should mean for a stead decrease in life total for my opponent, and constant clearing of threats from the board. Unlike most people who only like to have one shaman on the board at a time, I like having two. The reason for this is that it almost always guarantees constant life gain, and the attraction of a kill spell from one of my other creatures.

Mistcutter Hydra With all the rampant control decks and counters pro-blue is a great ability to have. Add to that you could play this as early as turn 3 or 4 and have a decent body on the field and you have a great utility creature.

Scavenging Ooze It gets bigger, it removes graveyard targets, and it gives you life.

Agent of the Fates I am very excited about playing this guy and hitting him with an Ordeal. Making your opponent sac a creature while making your guy bigger is going to be fun, and the moment the creature hits the graveyard making my ooze bigger is going to make for combo goodness. Add in the fact that he has deathtouch and I do not see how this guy wont go up in standard.

Reaper of the Wilds This card. Nobody is talking about this card, and I really do not see why. For 4 you get a 4/5 with 3 abilities. Instant deathtouch and hexproof are going to be great but her static affect of Scry 1 when a creature dies is what makes her so appealing. Normally when running Golgari you have to dump cards into your graveyard to cycle through your deck, which inevitably means losing something you wanted, but with Reaper you can cycle through without any negatives. I really see this being a game winner and finding a nice spot in Jund mid-range at some point in the standard meta-game.

Golgari Charm I know that this does not usually get used when it comes to charms, but this thing could end up being BROKEN thanks to the heavy enchantment theme in Theros.

Ordeal of Erebos Ordeal of Nylea Both of these cards are in for 3 reasons, they pump my creatures, have the bonus effects when they sac, and they give me easy targets for Shaman.

Putrefy Removal…..

Things I am considering:

Vraska the Unseen I will probably play test her into this deck in some form I just do not know how many of her I would run or what I would cut for her. Really unless she hits her ultimate you are essentially paying 5 for a removal spell.

Deadbridge Goliath He is such a good value body and his scavenge cost really is not that bad.. If this becomes more mid-range he will probably go in.

Read the Bones Cycling through cards can be a huge advantage.


This deck is going to have to be tweaked a little, I know, but I really like the synergy it has at the moment. Feel free to give any ideas….

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