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Glaring Spotlight Volume 2 – Dawn Charm

Glaring Spotlight EDH Commander Column

Putting a “Glaring Spotlight” on Magic Cards for EDH/Commander

GLARING SPOTLIGHT is a Magic the Gathering™ column featuring a card that may have gone over-looked during the the building of your EDH Commander deck. Today we discuss Dawn Charm.

CARD: Dawn Charm
TYPE: Instant
EXPANSION: Planar Chaos – Common
Card Text:
Choose one — Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn; or regenerate target creature; or counter target spell that targets you.

Dawn Charm

Dawn Charm for EDH Commander

Tricks are Good

One of my favorite aspects about Magic the Gathering™ is the element of surprise, or as some of us like to call it, “Tricks”. My friends, let me introduce you to one of my favorite “tricks” in all of Magic, Dawn Charm. In forums, this card is still shunned or passed off with a three letter “meh”, but let’s take a look at why this card may belong in your EDH/Commander deck.

Ability #1: Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn. While no one will outright play Fog in their EDH deck, a Fog-effect with two other options makes a great utility card. With Dawn Charm in hand, you can turn all of your dudes sideways without worry of a retaliatory strike for lethal. Have you ever been surprised by an opponent who put Craterhoof Behemoth in play and swung with an army? Fog!

Ability #2: or regenerate target creature. Simple, good. Protect your general (Looking at you Kaalia players!) or other key creature from dying in combat or from creature destroying board wipes and spot removal.

Ability #3: or counter target spell that targets you. One card in particular where Dawn Charm proves it’s worth is against blue and that dreaded Bribery. Are you playing with Iona? Avacyn? Do you see Bribery in your meta? If so, you must run Dawn Charm. I guarantee that you will never forget the look on Blue’s face when you counter their spell with White!

Practice What I Preach

I am currently running Dawn Charm in my Kaalia of the Vast and Uril, the Miststalker EDH Decks. Having this trick up my sleeve let’s me swing into a big blocker with Kaalia so I can drop an Angel/Demon/Dragon into play and be able to regenerate her if she would die in combat. In previous EDH matches, both Kaalia and Uril have benefited from the regeneration trick in the face of a Day of Judgment. For Kaalia, Dawn Charm is the anti-Bribery since everyone knows that the juiciest creatures can be found within her den of Angels, Dragons and Demons. Final thought for Boros colors, Dawn Charm is an amazing Sunforger target.


Dawn Charm is an absolute must for your EDH/Commander deck if you are having trouble with cards like Bribery or Diabolic Edict in your meta. This little trinket also keeps Voltron generals from getting blown up in sweepers and at the very least, keeps any white splashed EDH deck safe for a turn with it’s Fog-effect.

Thank you for Reading, If you have any experiences with Dawn Charm, feel free to leave them in the area below!


  1. Awww, I love charms! No matter what color! They provide you with so much flexibility!
    They are quite different in power level though. But then, there are so many nowadays that you should always find the one you need for your deck.
    Great analysis, Wally! It actually made me put Dawn Charm into my own Kaalia deck.

    1. Cool… let me know how that works out for you with Kaalia! Dawn Charm is definitely one of my favorite Sunforger targets. 🙂

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