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Glaring Spotlight Vol. 5 – Impulse

Glaring Spotlight EDH Commander Column

Putting a “Glaring Spotlight” on Magic Cards for EDH/Commander

GLARING SPOTLIGHT is a Magic the Gathering™ column featuring a card that may have gone over-looked during the the building of your EDH Commander deck. Today we discuss Impulse.

CARD: Impulse
TYPE: Instant
EXPANSION: Visions – Common
Card Text:
Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.


Impulse for EDH Commander

Impulsive Digging

I have recently started updating all of my EDH decks with more ways to draw cards. It was weird, I was driving to work one day and it hit me… I don’t draw enough cards on EDH night. I really need to work on that! A slice of pizza, a cold IPA and some card advantage. Heck ya.

What I was looking for was an inexpensive (mana & budget), splashable draw spell to go alongside my favorites Rhystic Study and Fact or Fiction. That’s when I stumbled across an old common from Visions… Impulse.

What I like about Impulse is that it lets us get some of the “gunk” out of the way. By gunk, I mean digging through less relevant cards to get to the ones we need. With Impulse, we get to look at the top four (4) cards, keep the best one and put the rest on the bottom of our library. Digging through our library can give a quick rev to the game plan engine. I have already enjoyed using this card in my Oloro Combo deck and look forward to splashing it in a few more decks.

Apples to Impulses

Having an instant speed spell to play at the end of an opponent’s turn is as good as homemade apple pie – with a scoop of vanilla ice cream of course. It allows us to leave mana up for a counterspell or at least be able to bluff a counterspell. Probably the best comparison for instant speed options at is Impulse versus Telling Time. I like digging through my library so I’ll take Impulse, but I understand some folks like to stash a card on top of the library. Hey, we like what we like, and another great budget option!

Budget or Bling

As of the date of this article you can pickup a copy of Impulse from TCGPlayer.com for $0.40. Of course you can invest in a foiled promo version of the old man art for $8 or the wicked librarian From the Vault for $2 if foily bling is your thing.


Impulse is a budget option that will help you dig through your deck faster. If you are looking for removal, a land, or that final combo piece, Impulse will either put it in your hand or speed up the possibility of drawing it.

Have you used Impulse in EDH? What is your favorite instant speed, budget draw spell? Please reply in the section below!

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