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EDH Commander 5 Player Games – Star Magic and Bang!

Hello there card drawers, welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com. Today I would like to share with you a couple of games that our playgroup dives into on EDH night when we have five players at the table. The games that you will find here is like the casino games that you can play at https://www.666casino.com/sv when in terms of fun and excitement. Please keep in mind that the rules I post below are our house rules and may differ from rules and similarities found elsewhere on the web. They should be pretty darn close though. Shuffle up! Let’s get started!

5 Player Commander Games – Star Magic

MTG Color WheelStar Magic is quite simple actually. I believe, but do not recall for sure, the roots of this variant were created with the idea that five players would choose one of the five colors of magic and play a deck of that color. They would then sit in order of the MTG color wheel as depicted on every Magic the Gathering Card™ ever printed: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green. The allied colors would be your, well, “allies” and the players with the two enemy colors would be your opponents. For instance, the mono Green player would have his allies (Red on his right and White on his left) sitting next to him and accross from him, the mono Blue and mono Black players. First player to defeat both of their opponents, wins the game.

Our 5 Player EDH games of Star Magic are quite similar to above, with the exception that we play the game with our regular Commander decks. We usually roll for random seating which determines our allies and opponents. Our seating arrangements work out so that our allies will be on the left and right of us while our opponents are sitting accross the table. Similar to above, whoever defeats their two opponents first wins the game.

The great part about Star Magic is the political pretzel we can get into when we realize that we share an ally with each of our opponents. While we are not allowed to attack our allies with creatures we can however, blast them with spells. This treachery bubbles to the surface when an ally closes in on winning the game. If he/she wins, then we lose. So there may be an occasion when we have to cast Path to Exile on one of our buddy’s creatures or Counterspell their game winning play. Hey, it’s nothing personal, only one of us can win and the in-game backstabbing is sometimes necessary as politics and treaties rise and fall.

Star Magic is a blast to play. It requires sheer cunning and the ability to keep your tilt in check from game to game. All is fun in games of war. Questions on Star Magic? Hit me up in the comments below! Do you play a similar, but different version? I’d love to hear about it. Again, comments are for participation. 🙂

5 Player EDH Games – BANG!

When it comes to multi-player games BANG Magic is my playgroup’s absolute favorite. I believe the rules are based on the table top game BANG! I’ve seen several different names and variations for this game online that include BANG Magic, Kingdoms and Usurper. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

There are five “roles” to the game. King, Knight, Assassin #1, Assassin #2 and the Rogue. Other folks across the inter-webs may use the terminology Sheriff, Deputy, Bandits or include a sixth person, the Usurper, but in our playgroup it’s five players in medieval terminology. We have five tokens that depict the roles in the game. We shuffle the tokens (face down) and each player picks one. Whoever draws the KING token reveals it for everyone to see. The other four players keep their identity hidden throughout the entire game, even after they have been eliminated. Players (other than the King of course) may “pretend” to be any role they want and this is where a lot of the political aspect of the game comes from. Who is lying to the King and who is being true to their word?

Winning the game is, as follows:

KING: The King wins the game when the two Assassins and the Rogue are eliminated
KNIGHT: The Knight must protect the King. He/She wins the game if the King wins regardless or not if the Knight is still alive at that point.
ASSASSIN: The two Assassins in the game must take out the King. If they do, they both win even if one of them has already been eliminated.
ROGUE: The Rogue is the hardest role to play. Very often they will politically claim to be the Knight, in order to gain the King’s trust. To win, the Rogue must be the last man standing.

The KING starts play by drawing a card and the rest of Commander / EDH rules apply from there.

So there you have it. Two of my playgroup’s favorite five player games for Commander. What do you think about BANG Magic? Have you played it or something similar before? What are some of your house rules for the game.

Ah, before I go, a special treat for ya. As promised in a previous article, I will be dredging up unpublished audio and video content of my good friend Rude Dog. It just so happens that we recorded one of our games of BANG Magic. I have published this on YouTube. Check out the link below and let me know what you think of the politics and shenanigans that were involved.

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