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Eternal Masters Draft – UW Flyer Control

I usually don’t play a lot of limited. I try to concentrate my time on EDH/Commander and make it a point to attend the pre-release events held at my local game stores. With that being said, I could not pass on an opportunity to crack packs and draft Eternal Masters. I nod my head and point in approval to Wizards with a smile, high-five and a “job well done” as I am grateful and impressed at their gutsy call to provide so many high dollar reprints in the set.

I was able to draft Eternal Masters on Friday night at The Zone in Pekin, Illinois. The Zone hosts a friendly environment of players in a well kept card shop owned by a friend of mine that has been in business for several years. I had a great night of playing cards and went 2-0, 2-0, 1-2, grabbing a second place finish and felt that I may have been one misplay away from a game three victory. Lesson. Never pass on an opportunity to Daze. Pick up that Island! Haha, anyway…

My first pick of the night was Duplicant and then I snagged a Thunderclap Wyvern with my next pick putting me in the groove of drafting UW Fliers. My second pack didn’t provide me any support as I was monetarily forced to keep the Sinkhole that I opened and my third rare I cracked was so bad that I have chosen to forget whatever the heck it was. Fortunately, I was passed a Mystical Tutor and a Brago, King Eternal that helped solidify my deck. I was also passed an Isochron Scepter that I would have main-decked if I would have had just a few more instants.

All-in-all, I received some decent value from my $35 investment, had an absolute blast playing Magic with good people and won two Eternal Masters prize packs with my second place finish, so it was a great night for Wally D. Without further ado, here is my UW Fliers Eternal Masters Deck with details on how it performed!

Eternal Masters Deck Archetype – UW Fliers Control

Eternal Masters Draft UW Fliers
The deck strategy was quite simple really. Early turn flyers with mid round control. The Mistral Chargers I had in the deck where very rarely threatened in the early game and just one of these Pegasus was usually good for at least 6 points of damage. Warden of Evos Isle helped me cast a flyer and keep mana up for a control spell or allowed me to get one of the big flyers down a turn earlier.

The Kor Hookmasters of the deck reminded me of my favorite limited card from M15, the Frost Lynx. Needless to say, the Kor Hookmaster did not disappoint. The hookmaster would tap down larger threats to allow my flyers and/or ground-pounders to get through. After the effect wore-off, I would use a Silent Departure to put the threat back in my opponent’s hand and swing in again. The kor were great aggro/control cards.

The Shoreline Ranger worked out fairly well for me, either fetching an Island or serving as another flyer to get through for damage. My lone copy of Thunderclap Wyvern was a huge threat as it juiced up all of my 2/1 and 2/3 flyers just in time to put the clamps on a victory. I did, however, keep forgetting this dude had flash, an ability I could have exploited to my advantage a few times. The Peregrine Drakes were also fabulous. My mana flow was groovy throughout the night, so as soon as I hit five lands I would drop a Peregrine Drake and then have mana available for my control spells or flashback a Silent Departure.

Soulcatcher was a dud, for the most part, but occasionally did get a +1/+1 counter. I wish I would have drawn Man-o’-War a few more times. I could have used the jellyfish at quite a few different points of the game, and, it’s one of my favorite cards of all time. I only drew it once all night. A real surprise of the deck was Mishra’s Factory. This card put in some work and was a solid contributor on offense. Extremely pleased with the amount of damage I was able to push through with my assembly worker.

Eternal Masters Draft UW Fliers

Duplicant and Phyrexian Ingester worked as expected. Once I was done dealing with large threats via tapping, bouncing, or countering I’d just get rid of it for good with one of these two imprinters. To round out my creature selection, I was ecstatic to nab Brago, King Eternal. Brago was an early part of my draft strategy and I was drooling over the prospective targets in the deck. Much like my Brago EDH Deck, I had Man-o’-War, Duplicant, and Phyrexian Ingester with Peregrine Drake playing the role of Palinchron. The prospective combo of being able to flicker my Kor Hookmasters every turn was also a vision of awesome that I wanted to see play out in real life. Unfortunately, like Man-o’-War, I only drew Brago once all night. However, the game that I did have him online, it was epic. I was living the dream with the Peregrine Drake untapping my lands every turn as my favorite King Spirit helped lead the way to the capital city of Control Town.

My control spells were decent. My Silent Departures were by far and away my MVP card of the night. I seemed to draw them and flash them back every game utilizing the bounce spell to it’s fullest potential. Shelter was also a huge bomb, and second runner up in MVP voting. This card saved my critters and won me games on top of drawing a card. I use Shelter a lot in my Kaalia Sunforger/Scepter EDH package so I knew what I was getting when I drafted it. Pacifism, Memory Lapse, Counterspell and Mystical Tutor were all was fluid pieces of the control side of my deck and always seemed to be there at the most opportune times of the game.

The only card that disappointed me was Daze. I drew it a lot, but only disrupted one spell with it. However, the time that I did have it, I failed to pick up an Island to counter my opponents Pilgrim’s Eye. By allowing him to tap out and resolve this on turn three he was able to mana fix for a missing color. Not only that, but the Thopter also prevented me from getting through with my 2/1 flyers in the early game, thereby allowing him to outlast me in resources and capture game three of our finals match.


I began playing Magic in 1997, Tempest block I believe, so even though the Mirage block was in Standard (and Extended) at the time, I never had the opportunity to draft it. It was an absolute honor to be able to draft Mystical Tutor, Counterspell, Memory Lapse and Man-o-‘War in a booster draft. A host of cards that bring back memories of when I first started playing Magic. Oh, and I’ve got to mention Mishra’s Factory. It was exhilarating to play with this classic man land AND have it perform so well throughout the night. I thoroughly enjoy the cards in this set and would definitely draft it again when and if the opportunity presents itself.

What do you think of Eternal Masters?

So there you have it. I drafted UW Flyers and was extremely pleased with the results. What do you think of the deck I drafted? Did you draft Eternal Masters? If so, what did you draft and how did it work for you. Feel free to discuss and leave your comments below!

On to the next!


  1. Deck looked super neat, WallyD! Super jealous of all of my friends who were able to draft on Friday. I was required to be at work all that night, and now I’m afraid I won’t ever be able to draft this set unfortunately, which is a huge bummer.

    1. A lot of cards brought back memories for me. It is definitely worth the entry fee. Hope you get a chance to draft it!

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