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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander #2 – Yavimaya Hollow

Hey folks, thank you for joining me on my second installment of adding Reserved List Cards to our EDH collection. Holy fireballs, a lot has happened since I published my first finance article a month ago. We have had several more buyouts along with speculation on what cards Craig and Martin Shrekli may be targeting next. We have also had TCGPlayer.com adjust their pricing structure by replacing the Low/High tiers with Market Price and Listed Median. If you need to get up-to-speed, I recommend my two previous articles:

While the additional buyouts, price spikes and changes to market value of cards have definitely thrown a wrench in my plans in terms of this article series, I feel we can still continue on as it is more important now, more than ever, to get Reserved List cards into our collection before they financially get out of reach. As a reminder the main goal of this article series is for us to add reserve list cards to our collection so that we have them available for present and future decks we may want to build. Since these cards will never be reprinted it will be soothing to have them in our binders or in an EDH deck before their scarcity and price increase.

Here are the updated rules for this collection exercise.

  1. Our monthly budget will be $30. That is the equivalent of $1.00 a day. Most players would spend way more than that on daily habits such as nicotine sticks, fast food, or buying a daily latte, cappuccino, sugar coffee thingy at Starbucks.
  2. Condition of the cards will not be too important since we are simply wanting a single copy of each card so that we can play it in our EDH decks. That is the main reason for wanting the reserve list abolished right? So we can play with the cards? Very well then, condition will be nearly irrelevant.
  3. We will be theoretically purchasing cards at the Listed Median on TCGPlayer.com. We will round prices up to the nearest dollar for ease of balancing our budget.
  4. We will target at least one card every month that is highly playable. There is a lot of cannon-fodder on the reserve list. We want to get cards that could see a buyout at anytime and can be viable in our Commander decks.
  5. In December, we will celebrate the holidays by at least adding $50 to our $30 budget. We should ask our friends and family for holiday gift cards or simply treat ourselves to $50 in solid EDH investments. We deserve it!
  6. Shipping and Handling will not be calculated. We are rounding up our dollar amounts and most shipping is either free or minute.
  7. Occasionally we will “piggy bank” some of our funds. ie: float a few dollars over to the next month so we can purchase some of the more expensive cards on the reserve list.

For August, 2016 we have our $30 monthly allowance along with our remaining $1 from last month. Hope you like the exercise and follow along. I will continue to publish a new article every month. Let’s do this!

What to Buy on the Reserve List for EDH

Yavimaya Hollowfor EDH CommanderYavimaya Hollow: If you are playing Green and like to keep your commander or another creature around after a “destroy” effect is played then Yavimaya Hollow is the utility land that you must have in your deck. For one green and tap Yavimaya Hollow you can regenerate target creature. Having the ability to regenerate your Commander or another target creature after the rigors of combat can provide us a small level of comfort. In best case combat scenarios, our creature lives and their creature dies, resulting in our opponent’s hesitation to send their dudes into the red zone as attackers or blockers. At the very least, we can protect ourselves every turn by keeping our 1/1 bird token alive when a 5/5 demon keeps trying to thump us in the dome.

In addition, the Hollow can provide advantage in the face of board wipes such as Nevinyrral’s Disk, Supreme Verdict, and Blasphemous Act by keeping our Commander or other target creature alive in the midst of total destruction. An untapped Yavimaya Hollow provides a strategic option and can deter an opponent’s plans on offense, defense, or removal spells/abilities.

At the time of this article, Yavimaya Hollow has a Median of $19.61 and a Market Price of $19.60. Our Price: $20

The recent changes to TCGPlayer.com seemed to have worked well for us. Two weeks ago, the Median was $23.00, $4 over the Market Price. The price seems to have stabilized and now we can add this iconic creature saving land to our collection! Heck, you can still find copies for about $15 if you are okay with a moderate to heavily played card. Yavimaya Hollow will continue to increase in value and, in my opinion, could carry a $25 price tag by this time next year.

Abeyance: We are getting an incredible amount of value in this next pickup my EDH friends! Abeyance may very well be one of my favorite cantrips of all time. For we can keep an opponent from playing instants and sorceries on our turn. This is real handy to get around counterspells and instant speed removal. We could also cast Abeyance on an opponent’s turn to prevent the casting of game changing sorceries like Insurrection or Tooth and Nail. In addition to stopping instants and sorceries, the targeted player cannot use non-mana abilities either. For example, a player targeted with Abeyance could not use their Yavimaya Hollow efficiently as outlined above. Abeyance is best cast during the upkeep phase in an offensive or defensive manner, and the best part? It replaces itself by allowing us to draw a card when it resolves.

With the Market Price of $2.46 and a $2.11 Listed Median, I feel this card is slightly undervalued at the moment in the eyes of #MTGFinance. While we are picking up one copy for ourselves for this exercise, I heavily encourage you to pick up a few extra copies for your trade binder. This cantrip is criminally underplayed in #EDH. Abeyance counts $3 towards our August allowance for reserved list pickups.

So there you have it. Two more cards I highly recommend picking up now and adding to our Reserve List collection! If you noticed, we only spent $23 of our $31 allotment, leaving $8 to roll over to September.

Hope you enjoyed this exercise, see you in September!

On to the next!

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