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At the pro tour weekend we got some good or bad news for the world of EDH. We got news that EDH would be able to be part of FNM. I for one am looking forward to having EDH at my local shop, the issue we are going to have about having EDH as part of FNM is? What is it going to do to the format that we love about EDH. The format is a casual one, that is about play with people you enjoy playing cards with (well most of the time). The meta that you play in determine how fast, strong, long etc. your decks play. When it comes to play in a FNM event we will lose all this and more. It’s going to be nice to have a chance to play some of my over powered decks, the only down side is it’s not something I want to do all the time. I like to just play to have fun, to get to know people.

I have only been playing EDH for about three years, and fell in love with the format. The format reminds of the what the game was like back in when i first started about 20 years ago. I took brakes from time to time, when things came up in life. I always seemed come back to just play to have fun and get to know new people. I have played standard, modern, sealed, but never really loved those formats the way I love EDH.

Back to the topic at hand EDH at your local FNM. Its going too be up to your local shop if they want or can support EDH at there shop. I have been working with my shop to start a league for sometime time now. I’m hoping that this will bring them to start a league or at least play an EDH event once or twice a month. Wizards said that it would be up to the shop if they want to support these extra events. I haven’t heard anything on prize support at this time. These changes will not happen until sometime in 2016. They need to make some sort of rules to make this happen. I would like to see how this is going to effect the other formats that are already happening on FNM. As you can see from the picture below wizards is opening up the flood gates to allow more formats to be played in FNM.


I hope wizards is making the right choice in letting all these formats be played at the same time. Again, this is going to be up to the locals shops on what they want to play or not. Hoping the prize support is going to be good.

As this is going to be the first officially sanctioned EDH event, be prepared as this games will be cut throat, and extremely competitive. As stated earlier, the best option is going to be for the stores to come up with a set of rules or a points system. Here is a list of something I came up with as a guide line for a set of rules. please feel free ti use them as is or change them as you see fit.

Commander EDH League Point System

Here’s the rules we’re using at my local store

Only official banned list. And most of all have fun.

Commander EDH Rule guide line

Entry Fee: $5.00 ( all money goes to prizes)

Results will be recorded on an EDH league score sheet.

1 EDH point for attending each week.
3 EDH points for a match win (eliminating all players) without going infinite
2 EDH points for a match win (eliminating all players) with going infinite
1 EDH point for casting your Commander from the Command Zone 4 times in one game.
1 EDH point for killing a player with Infect.
1 EDH point for milling a player.
1 EDH point for attacking with one or more creatures with power over 50 in a single combat step.
1 EDH point for eliminating a player in a group game.
1 EDH point for going infinite (not infinite turns)
1 EDH point for killing 3 or more Commanders of your opponents during a single group game.
1 EDH point for being the first player eliminated in a group game of 4 or more players.
2 EDH points for eliminating all players (including yourself) in a group game of 4 or more players.
1 EDH point for surviving being attacked for lethal damage in a group game of 4 or more players.
1 EDH point for saving a player from losing the game in a group game of 4 or more players.
1 EDH point for being the first player to use a board wipe in a group game of 4 or more players.

-1 EDH point for taking infinite turns
-1 EDH point for scooping (unless a player is going infinite)
-4 EDH point for cheating (doing so on purpose) we will know if you do

The player with the most EDH points at the end of the four week league will earn 50% the prize money . Second place will earn 25%. Third place will earn 15%, fourth place earns 10%. The last 5% will go to get everyone in the league a league prize. ( we will figure something out depending on how many people joins the league) it might be dice, cards, sleeves. Things like that.

Here is a link to the Score Sheet:
EDH Score Sheet


  1. If the link doesnt work here is the url for it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16uUIdeqxi93vlk4gpQKrm33RZZaTId7qKaHpfiYtKHs/edit?usp=docslist_api

  2. Wow, that is great information! Thanx for posting. I wonder if “sanctioned” Commander will be French 1v1 rules or regular EDH (or both). Regardless, and either way, I am totally fine with Commander (in any form) being a competitive event backed by Wizards.

    Also, great job on including the EDH League point system! This may be something I might consider for my local playgroup(s).

  3. Just a quick question. If you have a player intentionally cheating, why is it not an immediate DQ from the game. A player that is cheating takes the fun away from everyone in the game.

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