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EDH Deck Tech – Impact of Fetch Land Reprints

Is this true? The Onslaught Fetch Lands in Khans of Tarkir have been confirmed and eagerly await our greedy little hands? Yes? Fan-freaking-fantastic! In this article I want to voice my opinion on the reprints and possibly discuss the impact this will have on EDH.

Was I surprised at the announcement of fetch lands in Khans? Um, slightly. I knew it was possibility, but thought we would not see the reprint until 2015. The surprise, was that they kicked off the new Block with the allied, Onslaught fetch lands. I really thought the Zendikar variety would have been the first for reprint. With the Allied versions appearing in Khans, I can give an educated guess that the Enemy colored fetches are not too far behind.

Polluted Delta in Khans of TarkirAs an EDH player with a current stock of about 12 combined ZEN/ONS fetches, am I disappointed that their value is on a decline? Definitely not. On the contrary, I am really excited about the opportunity to tune more Commander decks with an efficient mana base and lessen the strain on the ol’ wallet. Hoo-ray!

Quick story on my EDH deck building history (dating back to 2011). When I built my first five Commander decks I spared no expense and included all ABUR duals lands along with their corresponding fetch lands. Wrexial, Uril, Kaalia, and Vhati il-Dal were all extremely appreciative of my monetary generosity. Three years ago, however, prices for fetches and original duals were half the cost of what they were in the summer of 2014. I remember buying Verdant Catacombs and Marsh Flats for $10 bucks a piece and trading my Return to Ravnica singles to get my Polluted Delta and Wooded Foothills. Heck, trading a few Jace, Architect of Thoughts at $50 value helped me acquire a couple of fetches three years ago. However, over the past couple of years, prices of fetch lands skyrocketed and were out of reach for the casual EDH/Commander player.

So here we are. Khans will be released in less than a month. How will this impact EDH? The obvious result is that more players will be able to afford and have access to a more efficient mana base that includes Shock Lands and Fetches. For this avid Commander deck builder, I will be gobbling up fetch lands like Pac-Man pellets. At least a dozen of them right off the bat for my existing 14 decks and another dozen for future builds. Quick word of advice for my readers, start trading and buying Shock Lands. On speculation alone I can see these slowly creeping into the $15 to $20 range within the next year or so.

Before I move on, am I allowed a second instance of speculation in the same article? I hope so! Here we go. It seems almost a definite that the Zendikar fetches are not far behind. Perhaps in the 3rd expansion of the block, a large set, currently code named “Louie”. With all ten fetches available, Wizards has heroically answered the call for a more affordable Modern format. Bravo Wizards!

The second biggest impact the fetch lands will have on Commander will be the relevance of a few cards that work with or hate them out. With more fetch lands available to Commander Players, the better these cards will become. So, to end this article, I will share with you five (5) EDH cards that you may want to consider for existing or future builds.

Five EDH Cards that Will See More Play with Fetch Land Reprint

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled: The obvious new guy from M15 warrants consideration for aggro decks with black in their color wheel. For me, I am excited as hell to drop this bad-ass into play “tapped and attacking” with Kaalia. This puts the pain on opponents fetch lands as well as their frantic tutor for an answer.

Aven Mindcensor: In response to cracking a fetch, flashing in Aven is ooey-gooey good. A frustrated sigh from opponents who can only search the top 4 cards of their library is what hate bears are all about.

Crucible of Worlds: Play fetches. Crack. Search library for land, put into play. Next turn. Play fetch from Graveyard, repeat. Circle of life.

Angel of Jubilation: In fantasy football terms, the Angel of Jubilation is a “sleeper” that most teams will totally overlook. Yes, she works like you think she does… totally shutting off fetch lands and other “pay life for” effects. Of course this includes our fetch lands too… Super hot in mono-white but better think ahead with her in multicolor builds.

Stranglehold: Players Can’t Search Libraries. Fetch hate. Simple and Effective.

An honorable mention goes out to all cards with the Landfall ability (Avenger of Zendikar, Roil Elemental). Playing and cracking a fetch land enables two Landfall trigger in a turn.

What are your thoughts on the reprinting of the Onslaught Fetch Lands in Khans of Tarkir? Do you think the Zendikar fetches will be reprinted in the same block? What is their impact in Commander/EDH? What other cards work great with or against fetch lands? Please comment below!

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