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Commander Gameplay Video – Kaalia vs Rakdos vs Athreos

On our MTG Casual Play You Tube Channel, we turn to a friendly game of EDH Commander. In this episode of “Two Bald Guys play Magic” Wally D. (me) and Rude Dawg (Tom) host a Free for All matchup that pits Kaalia of the Vast vs Rakdos, Lord of Riots vs Athreos, God of Passage. I was piloting my revised Kaalia list, Rude Dawg with Rakdos and we were joined by our friend C-Dogg and his Athreos deck. What ensues is a fast and furious amount of attacks with a bit of light humor. My favorite part is learning from mistakes and you won’t believe the card that I misread in this matchup!

A quick show note… I was indecisive on the deck to choose for our first commander video, but Rude Dawg talked me into playing one of his former favorite commanders, Kaalia. For those interested in the decklist for Kaalia, it can be found here:

Kaalia Sunforger/Scepter.

Unfortunately, decklists for Rakdos and Athreos are currently not available.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. Hey nice video!
    Btw, about your discussion of Resolute Archangel and Erebos, see Rule 118.5.: “If an effect sets a player’s life total to a specific number, the player gains or loses the necessary
    amount of life to end up with the new total.”
    So with Erebos in play, the Angel would not work. Same goes for Platinum Emperion should you control it when the angel enters the battlefield under your control. Aw, poor angel… 😉

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