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DIGG Reader Tutorial for MTG Articles

MTG Casual Play YouTube Logo
Before we get into the main intent of this post, I would like it to be known that so far in my Web Design career my knowledge of YouTube and recording video content is quite primitive. I have finally decided to “go-for-it” and created the MTG Casual Play You Tube Channel and uploaded my very first video. This video (see below) is nothing more than a tutorial on a relatively novice web project, but at least it is a starting point. My future plan for MTG Casual Play on YouTube is to convert some of my EDH Decklist Primers and articles into viewable video content. I also plan on recording a few MTGO matches.

Questions for the audience:
Do you have experience with recording content? If so, what suggestions can you offer a newbie like myself? In addition, I have found CamStudio a little frustrating to use as I can only seem to get 10 minutes or less of content recorded at a time. However, CamStudio is free to use, a quality that I would be looking for in other video recording software.

Please comment below with any thoughts, tips or pointers!

To edit my video I am using Movie Maker 2012 and am pleasantly pleased with the overall goodness of this program. But since everyone has their own choices, if you don’t like this video editor, you could check out this online video editor.

DIGG RSS Reader for MTG Articles

RSS Feed Button
I have never been much of a reader due to my ADD-like inability to retain and comprehend. Within the past year I have taken up the sport of reading for about an hour or so a day. Nowadays, weeknights usually end with my iPad and jumping around the internet to various sites catching up on EDH/Commander articles. This is when I noticed that a lot of Magic the Gathering™ websites have an RSS Subscription Feed (including our very own MTGCasualPlay.com 🙂 ). The thought then occured to me. Rather than jump from website to website every night, what if all of my favorite columns were combined into one place?

Another set of questions for the audience:
I really like reading EDH/Commander content from websites such as GatheringMagic.com and StarCityGames.com but their RSS Feed includes a lot of other non-Commander related articles.

Is there a way to manipulate an RSS Feed or RSS Reader so that it only pulls in content from a specific author?
What are your experiences with RSS Readers? Which one(s) do you use?
I would like to create a page on MTGCasualPlay (similar to MTGSalvation.com’s RADAR page) that pulls in RSS Feeds from other sites, can anyone provide me a link to a tutorial?

Now… on with the show!

Published on Jan 31, 2014
RSS Reader Tutorial. I have never set up an RSS Reader before and was amazed at how simple it was on Digg.com. In this episode, we create an account on Digg.com so that we can have a central location to read Magic the Gathering articles from several different websites. Letting my nerdiness shine in my first ever YouTube video!

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