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Commander: Yidris, Green Grixis Guy

Commander is a large facet of MTGCasualPlay. As my favorite casual format, I relish the opportunity to bring a new commander to each table. Occasionally I’ll enjoy a particular deck so much I run it back a few times over just for fun. The last time I did this was with a Surrak deck that just played fatties and card draw. The four color commanders were a boon for me, as I could finally proclaim my hatred of white by playing every color except it.

Yidris From Grixis

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder is all about that chaotic lifestyle, and I’m with him all the way. A little bit of organized chaos is never bad. A lot of unregulated chaos is a party! While this particular Yidris deck doesn’t maximize his Cascade potential, his ability is strong enough on its own that the threat of him dealing combat damage makes him a huge threat of a Commander. Plus, Cascade is literally the most fun mechanic in the history of Magic. Instead this will be a four-color goodstuff deck that functions well without Yidris and simply becomes absurd when his ability is on. Let’s go!

The Manabase

While most people like to save the mana base for last, I decided building a four color mana base would be strong enough regardless that I wouldn’t end up restricted by color requirements. So here’s the mana base I’m going to be working with:

Deck Structure

Previously (and what I’d assume is common for Yidris), my Yidris decks were full of Windfall effects, pretty similar to the preconstructed deck, but without all the jank they include for some reason. This time I’d like to take a different approach and fill the deck with hard-hitting creatures, ramp spells, and repeatable card draw effects. The end goal is for my deck to encourage mass mayhem and chaos while also acting as the policeman of the table, ensuring nobody’s decks function quite as planned. The two game plans seem at odds with each other, but they complement each other quite well. In order to pull this off successfully, I need to see lots of cards and run a few tutors for consistency.

Kiora is a favorite of mine and I’ll put her in as many decks as I can. She’s not the only staple of mine, and I’ll usually jam about a dozen of my pet cards before getting to the important stuff. For this deck, I’m throwing in the following spells, no questions asked.

Don't Leave Home Without This
Clever Impersonator, by the way, is a Commander Staple that should be in every single one of your blue decks. I love this thing!

Story Time

The true goal of Commander is not to win, but to create an exciting narrative. The best way to do this is to go hard on your deck theme at the cost of power and synergy, if necessary. Since my commander is literally the embodiment of the Maelstrom, I want as much chaos as possible. Global enchantments, powerful, expensive, sorceries- I want the works. There’s one caveat to my commander decks- I won’t buy new cards to make a deck. If you want to make a Yidris deck similar to mine, don’t bother buying any of the cards here. Just replace the ones you don’t have with some you do have.

Lands (39)
Creatures (31)
Permanents (13)
Spells (16)

So here’s the full decklist. As you can see, I filled the last ~30 or so slots with sweepers, tutor effects, and things like Urban Evolution that ramp me even more. I’d like to go over some questionable card choices to sort of explain my reasoning.

Dubious Challenge

I’m going to resist the urge to make the obvious pun here and get right to the point. Sure, this card is terrible and is in no way going to help you win, but there are some crazy hits here that the table will be laughing about for another half hour. Deathbringer Regent, Gaea’s Revenge, Hornet Queen, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled?! This is gonna be a hoot. There are enough creatures in the deck to consistently hit two or three of them.

Spin to Win

This is probably the Spikiest card in the deck simply because attacking the person to your right all but guarantees their death. It combos with the two Delve spells as well, adding a free mana when it hits the bin and allowing you to bring it back. It’s also a removal magnet for the table, protecting your recurring card advantage engines like Tasigur, the Golden Fang.

Tutor Number OneTutor Number Three

Many people frown upon tutors in Commander, and for good reason. Adding frightening consistency to otherwise powerful decks can make them unstoppable. The real trick to tutors is knowing when they’re fair and when they’re not. In a deck like this, we’re not searching out anything unfair with them; we’re simply looking for an answer to another person’s shenanigans. Bring to Light in particular can be difficult to cast for all 5 colors since you only have about 5 sources with the ability to tap for white mana. Simply casting it for 4 is passable, of course.

Hopefully all the other card choices are self-explanatory. If you like keeping a friendly and exciting atmosphere at your table, this is the deck for you!


  1. Great to see your first Commander article Mike! Yidris is definitely intriguing. I’m considering him for the future. Like what you did here. I would definitely shuffle this up and play. Well done!

    1. You can’t build yidris wrong! He’s a lot of fun and I’ll be bringing this deck to my next fnm

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