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Category: Modern

My GP Seattle Experience

Overall, modern is a wide-open field. In GP Hartford, Ironworks Combo was the big winner. In GP Sydney, we saw B/R Hollow One as the big winner. We’ve seen Bogles, Humans, and Robots win it all.

I have been a Modern player from the beginning of the format and I have enjoy it over the …

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The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt

The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt (This article has been edited since its initial publication, most notably the sideboards for our stage 2 and 3 build. Thank you MTGAmino user Rectcarahc Eman for the suggestions)

Welcome back to The Modern Learning Curve! The goal of this ongoing series is to introduce players to the …

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The Modern Learning Curve: Burn

The Modern Learning Curve: Burn

Welcome Back to the Modern Learning Curve! The continued mission of this series is to provide players with an affordable window into the format that can be sleeved up for your first trip to a local game shop’s modern night and upgraded to a consistently competitive build. This week we …

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The Modern Learning Curve: Infect

Welcome to the Modern Learning Curve, my debut series of articles where I aim to introduce new players to the Modern format with budget builds of existing archetypes as a means of gaining a foothold in the format and exploring different decks without an overwhelming financial commitment. Along with an introductory list, options for upgrading …

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Yelling at the TV: Back in Mono-Black

The Super League Series is, of course, not the only way to watch this game of ours from the comfort of our own homes. There are tons of streams and recorded videos to watch, too.

The Internet is a big, big place.

When I try to watch football, there is no part of me that …

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The Mad Mod – Shaman Tribal

Today I feel like building a tribal deck. And stop, I know what you’re gonna say… “But Dan, this is a budget column. Doesn’t a tribal deck require all sorts of expensive cards like , , or ?”

And I see why you’re confused. You think we’re building one of those tier 1 tribal decks. …

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The Mad Mod – Rakdos, Lord of Riots


Sorry, that’s a habit I picked up for when a demon is the lord of burning things.

I recently asked some of the readership to pick a card they’d like to see in a future column. Out of five options, the overwhelming winner was Rakdos, Lord of …

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The Mad Mod – Golgari Dredge

I’m sorry; I think I dozed off for a minute there. Where were we?

If you were a reader of the now late and lamented Yogurt Decks, you might have been asking yourself, “what happened to that” for the last six months or so. Or, alternately, you might have shrugged and said, “what’s for lunch?” …

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Yogurt Decks – Storm

Dan Carroll - Magic the Gathering Writer

Storm, storm, storm. I’m legally obligated to say it three times, because that’s pretty much the whole idea of the deck, isn’t it? You take your spell, you cast, cast, cast, you draw, draw, draw, and if your opponent doesn’t have an answer, you win in one move. It’s unfair, it’s often non-interactive, and it …

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Multiplayer Madness V – My Personal THEROS Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

MTG Writer - Mago

Hello everybody! I’m glad you’re back!

I always love Spoiler Season. As soon as the spoilers start, I am usually glued to my computer, excited and a bit nervous as well. I know there will always be cards I want to have as soon as possible, but what about the overall set? Will it be …

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