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Category: Legacy Decks

Through the heart of a Punishing Jund

Hello everyone!  My name is Gregor King and this is my first article in which I will describe one of the greatest agro decks in legacy format. I `ll take you through the deck list and give you some thoughts and describe several special attributes of the cards inside of the deck. Enjoy!

In my …

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60 card casual: Burns for days

Sixty card is my main jam, and to start out this adventures exploration of the format that dominates magic the gathering I think we should consider a simple concept, Mono Red Burn. Who needs dumb beasts or treacherous minions you are an planeswaker. Rain your personal judgment on all that would appose you. Fancy enchantment? …

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The Spirit Guide to Land Destruction – Mono Red Legacy Deck

Rogue Legacy Deck Articles

Hey all! Wally D. here with a quick article on a rogue legacy deck that has been sitting in a box for about three years. Untouched and unplayed. This mono red deck now has the same fate as my discard legacy deck in that I am pilfering some of the cards that have spiked in …

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Multiplayer Madness X – Devoted to the Demigod

Kuchisama MTG Writer - Multiplayer & EDH

Hey folks, welcome back!

To start off, here’s a little recap of Tuesday evening. You see, my playgroup meets every Tuesday for some cool games of Magic, so at around 6 pm it was time again for me to head over to Torsten’s place. Torsten? Oh yeah, let me first introduce…

My Playgroup

Torsten: It’s …

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Dark Obliterator – Legacy Mono Black Aggro


Legacy Mono Black Aggro

Dark Obliterator

I noticed a few months ago that Indianapolis would play host to a Grand Prix event in March 2012. I have never been to an official Magic the Gathering™ tournament, so I have to say I am quite excited at the opportunity to be in this atmosphere. The …

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