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Through the heart of a Punishing Jund

Hello everyone!  My name is Gregor King and this is my first article in which I will describe one of the greatest agro decks in legacy format. I `ll take you through the deck list and give you some thoughts and describe several special attributes of the cards inside of the deck. Enjoy!

In my …

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60 Card Casual: Swarms of Slivers

So if I am going to talk about Magic: the Gathering I have to talk about silvers. Why is that you might wonder, well Slivers and especially the is the reason I got into magic at all. The concept fascinated me, a race of monsters that grow and strengthen each other though incomprehensible means. The …

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60 card casual: Burns for days

Sixty card is my main jam, and to start out this adventures exploration of the format that dominates magic the gathering I think we should consider a simple concept, Mono Red Burn. Who needs dumb beasts or treacherous minions you are an planeswaker. Rain your personal judgment on all that would appose you. Fancy enchantment? …

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MTG Legacy defeat of Team Edward

Wally D. - MTG Casual Play Writer

Legacy Results – January 2012

Team Edward – Mono Black Aggro Vampires

Welcome to my first ever tournament report.  Today’s blog will focus on my January 2012 legacy showing at a local shop that involved 8 other fellow MTG players.  I am not a big fan of playing top tier decks, but rather using my …

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